2 Reasons You Could Be Damaging Your Weight Loss

Have you ever felt like you were doing things that purposely sabotaged your attempts to shed the pounds? This is lots more common than you may think, and if you have caught yourself doing it, you are certainly not alone.

Why the heck would you try and sabotage your weight loss efforts, when losing pounds is so crucial to you?

Here are two reasons that you may not have considered before:

1) You may be overwhelmed.

Let’s face it; shedding pounds can be hard! You’ve got to change your diet habits, create and stick to an exercise program, and consistently battle enticement twenty four seven. If your eating and exercise habits were really out of alignment before you began your weight loss program, you might feel intensely overwhelmed with all the daily actions important to start to lose weight. This could be correct for you particularly if you’re following a reasonably firm diet or comprehensive exercise program.

This is how to decide if this is the cause for your weight loss self-sabotage: When you think about where you are now and where you eventually wish to be, weight-wise, how do you feel? Are you feeling excited about losing your extra poundage? Do you also feel a bit frightened, uncertain, or exhausted about having to keep making moves each day to at last attain your objectives?

Feeling overwhelmed is standard, but it could also be a signal that you’re making an attempt to take on too much at once. And part of you will keep resisting the changes you’re trying to make you feel just like you can not handle them. To conquer this problem, simply slow down a tiny bit. Don’t try to lose all your weight quickly – instead concentrate on making changes that you can simply handle. When you ease up the pressure you are putting on yourself, you can notice that your self-sabotaging actions stop.

2) You might be rebelling.

If you’re one of those individuals that hate to follow “rules,” it’s possible that you are rebelling against the changes you have imposed upon yourself. Sabotaging your diet is a great way to make certain you fail so that you can say, “I attempted, but it failed to work out for me”. Then you’ve a handy reason to go back to your old habits and eat what you crave. A good way to tell if this is happening to you is to ask yourself how you feel about your diet in general. Are you feeling like you are being “forced” to follow a diet to lose weight? Or is it something that you really wish to do? If you should happen to feel like it’s being forced on you, you just have to adjust your perspective so you are feeling like you’re the one making the decisions about what to eat and what not to eat. This will take a little effort and time to truly feel like you’re in charge, but it's worth it in the final analysis. Once you feel empowered to make your own lifestyle determinations, you will stop rebelling and sabotaging your weight loss efforts.

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