3 Non-traditional Uses for the Vapur Water Bottle

You’ve made a great choice by choosing an environmentally friendly and safe-for-the-whole-family Vapur water bottle. It serves you well to carry water to the gym, the soccer game, and the park. But have you thought of any other ways to use it? Because they are so durable and collapsible, Vapur water bottles have myriad other uses. Here are three.

1. As a bottle to warm your feet; or anything else. The Vapur water bottle is safe to use with warm and hot water (though it will be hot to the touch so don’t use too hot of water). Because it is bendable, it makes a great foot warmer in bed on a cold night. In addition, you could use it to soothe sore and tight muscles after a run or to take in the car with you to warm your seat. Be sure to use the screw cap, not the sport cap if you plan to put any pressure on the bottle, as you don’t want it dousing your bed or clothes with warm water. The possibilities are endless!

2. As an ice pack: Vapur bottles can be frozen, and due to their flexible nature, they can be shaped when being frozen. For example,if you have a swollen, sore knee, you could partially fill the bottle and drape it over something in your freezer to create a knee shape. Then when you take it out you will have the perfectly shaped ice pack. The same can be done for other sore spots. Vapur offers a ‘sweater’ for the bottle, which is perfect for protecting the skin if you are using the bottle in this way. The freezable nature of the bottle is also great for keeping water cool for a long time.

3. As a kids toy: imagine how fun it would be to use the Vapur water bottle during a water fight. Or, you could put it on someone’s chair when they weren’t looking. That would be a wet surprise! Your kids would probably enjoy filling a bottle with water and jumping on it to see what happens…the possibilities are endless.

The durable and foldable nature of the Vapur water bottle lends itself to many uses, as the above illustrates. I’m sure there are many more ways you can think of to use yours. If you don’t already have a Vapur water bottle, check them out. They are safe (BPA free) and come in .5L and .4L sizes. There are several colors and designs and they won’t break the bank. You and your family will have a whole lot of fun!

To find out more about the benefits and specifications of the Vapur water bottle, be sure to check out Jillian Crawford’s website on the Vapur water bottle, in addition to her detailed review of the Vapur Anti Bottle.

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