4 Muscle Building Tips – Eat Smarter And Workout Harder

These four muscle building tips will help you coordinate your diet and workout. Everyone knows that working out is important to body composition. What is dreadfully overlooked is the diet and its effect on the same. Keep these things in mind for maximum results.

1. Believe it or not – More Calories Sure, you know you need to consume more protein. That’s a good start, but the body uses calories for fuel. If you don’t feed the machine, you won’t grow more lean muscle mass. Take your weight and multiply it by ten, that’s a good starting point. Of course, it also depends on your current shape.

2. Eat More Times Concentrating on eating only 3 times a day is a horrid habit that does nothing to build muscle properly. To really get the full potential of all your efforts, spread out your intake into smaller meals more often. Get 6 meals to increase your insulin levels – this really packs muscle. Insulin acts as a nutrient partitioner, and will make sure the muscles get what they need to build more mass and recover quicker.

3) Pre-workout Fuel Eating a meal of slow-burning carbs, such as pasta and rice, just before you workout will ensure that you have more even blood sugar (glucose) levels. This will help your intensity during remain higher longer, ensuring a more productive workout. Having a hypoglycemic crash isn’t a great idea when lifting heavy! and harder.

4. Post-workout Carbs and Protein Right after you train, you want a post-workout meal that has simple carbs, or sugar. You also want protein. Usually, a sugar-laced protein shake will hit the spot. This makes sure your body stores the energy in your muscles, giving your body what it needs to recover after serious training.

Cooperating with your body’s natural process and chemistry is really the key to these muscle building tips. You want to be in a state of anabolism versus catabolism, so follow these tips and you’ll kick it up a notch.

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