7 Body Building Tips To Step Up Your Game

Simply doing online research won’t help your body mass index. Read it and weep, friend, but you have to get off the QWERTY and into the gym and actually do what you’ll read here. The seven body building tips will most definitely help you step up your game – if you do them.

The first thing you’ll need to do is define your goal. What is the “goal?” It can be simply to gain 30 pounds of lean muscle, bench press 100 pounds more, or to squat 300. Define your goals first.

Next – the second tip is to spell out and write down your goal. It’s more powerful once it’s in black and white. This will motivate you to move on your goal.

Add to that written goal your schedule – put a deadline. “I want to lose 25 pounds by ‘X’ date.” This will shove you forward and keep you motivated to keep moving. You’ll take a day at a time, but keep progressing.

The fourth on the list of body building tips is making a list of everything it will take to get the goals done. Working backwards from the end result, or goal, think about what it takes to get there. Will it take adjusting your diet? Increasing your protein sources? What about lifting heavy about 6 days a week? Write it all out.

Next on the list of seven tips is to arrange the steps into a plan. This is like a map between where you are now and where you are headed, and like a map will help you get there.

Using your plan you just created – now listen up and do this – you need to act on it. You can over-think it and plan it out until it’s perfect, and that’s a great foundation. Until you get to the car, strap yourself in, turn the ignition and floor it – you’ll be sitting in the garage with a great plan going nowhere. Get up, get out and get on with it.

The seventh of the body building tips is – do something every single day that progresses you towards the finish line. This is a marathon, not a one-time sprint. You need to keep your butt in the gym moving forward for the long-haul, or else you’ve wasted a bunch of time. Soon: you’ll be at the finish line and then it’s time to relax. Until then: press on!

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