BMX Bicycles, Mildred and Ethel Could Display The Tricks

I once went on holiday for a week with some friends to Skegness one summer time. It was just supposed to be a relaxed week but with maybe many nights out and parties thrown in. The weather was pretty hot all week, so we actually went to the beach most days to determine what was about, which in most circumstances was donkeys, old aged pensioners and disabled individuals. Not exactly Baywatch I realize. When this all got too much for us we went for a drink, or to the arcades or maybe if we had been feeling really reckless to the bingo hall. It wasn’t exactly the vacation we had intended but thought we would make probably the most of a poor circumstance.

Whilst we were in among the bingo halls 1 day, we befriended a nice little old lady called Mildred, she told us that there was incredibly tiny to complete in Skegness for men and women our age, that is certainly why quite a few young residents had looked to drugs or glue sniffing. She told us to hire some BMX Bikes from the nearby hire shop and then meet her by the beach at 1pm the following day. We thought that we might as well, our vacation ended up being pretty boring as much as that point and she looked trustworthy for an aging lady with fairly impressive facial hair.

Sure enough, we met up with Mildred and her mate Ethel and we came with some BMX bikes that we had hired from the nearby shop. Mildred also had her own BMX and Ethel was on a skateboard. We rode around Skegness and had loads of fun, Mildred brought sandwiches cut into triangles so that we didn’t go hungry, and a thermos of Ovaltine too. Along the way we picked up some more of Mildred and Ethel’s mates, including Ethel’s boyfriend Percy who was riding his Penny Farthing.

We continued to meet up with Mildred every day through-out our holiday and she had genuinely made it an wonderful week. One of my mates really had a bit of a vacation romance with Mildred in the last 1 week, that is ideal as we had been able to keep going back to Skegness for more fun with Mildred and her close friends.

That was until she died final year, in a water skiing accident. We had been completely shocked by the news, but we usually try and get down to Skegness whenever we can, for a drink and to stroke our personal unwanted facial hair in tribute to her.

Rutland Cycling offer a nice summery offering of BMX cycles. Ethel and Mildrid would be happy with this offering of cycles. They also sell a offering of old school cycles from “straight out of the 80’s”.

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