Diet For Gout

Gout is an excruciating variety of arthritis that is caused by higher-than-normal amounts of uric acid in your system. The uric acid in turn is changed into crystals that start and accumulate near the joints, resulting in the pain you feel while you move. Uric acid is created from purines that naturally occur in the body. Purine levels could increase in the body because of consuming foods like herring, anchovies, like mushrooms, asparagus, and organ meats, that causes uric acid levels to rise.

Sometimes a new diet and medication is administered to treat gout. You can look at a gout diet actually as some kind of healthy eating plan so even those without gout can use them to keep the condition from manifesting.

A gout diet controls and eliminates the production of uric acid, thereby reducing the number and severity of gout attacks. The intention is to reduce foods containing purines from your diet, as well as increase your fluid intake to flush your body of uric acid.

Some of the gout diet tips you should take note of include.

Limit your intake of animal protein, as this is a source of purine. You should restrict consumption of seafood, red meat, and fish as this may greatly enhance gout in the body. Since you can’t eliminate animal protein from your diet to remove it as a source of purine, you can opt to keep your intake to six ounces every day.

Choose plant-based proteins – you need proteins for your body to function properly. You should avoid animal proteins because the are high in purine. Plant protein is just as good as meat protein, so you are missing nothing by eating beans and legumes. Plant-based sources offer protein without purine, which helps avoid gout symptoms.

Avoid alcohol as much as possible – it’s not so much as alcohol is a purine source but rather it interferes with uric acid elimination in the body so you can’t get the bad stuff out in time so that it does not take its toll on you. In actuality, beer is the bad part. If you are craving alcohol, consider a glass of wine. Having a couple of 5 ounce servings is not going to hurt you, so even if you are prone to gout, it’s okay for you to enjoy this.

Following a diet made specifically to address gout is an effective way of limiting the production of uric acid in your body, which also helps in hastening elimination. It can lower uric acid levels in your body but this is not enough to actually treat gout enough to let you stop taking medication. The two cooperate to reduce the frequency and severity of gout attacks.

Knowing a lot on gout diet may be tough. However for some helpful information on gout diets, go here now.

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