Economical And Efficient Overall – Lululemon Yoga Mat Critique

I would recommend this mat to anyone looking for a well built, highly functional yoga mat. I love my new Manduka black mat.

I have been using the Pro for a few months now. I wanted to get it for cushioning because I have pretty bony feet and knees and I was getting red marks when I did certain poses. It has been through a lot of tough and demanding workouts such as Plyometrics and CardioX and it still looks the same as the day I bought it. I originally felt iffy about spending $80 on a yoga mat, but now that I have I’m happy because I know I will never need to buy another one for the rest of my life.

When it’s sticky, it’s too sticky. I felt like my flesh on my toes was going to rip off when transitioning to up dog.

This mat is sturdy enough to last a long time while taking a lot of abuse: Ashtanga brings on a good deal of sweat, and the vinyasa between each pose consists of jumping back, rolling over your toes to upward dog, and back over them to downward dog and hopping back to seated. I’ve tried this on cheap, thin mats and find that it hurts my toes, and the thinner mats slide around. A lot more firm, set responsive to kneeling and standing. Better grip, once you’re using it, you’ll never go back.

I practice Ashtanga so I put my yoga rug on top and it provides the perfect cushion and traction without being mushy. It does weigh quite a bit, but I like it so much I actually take it with me when I travel. I have not had any concerns with slipping. It is quite sturdy. It is a dense, rubbery mat that makes my hands and feet really stick during my yoga. I also use it for my Plyometrics (jump training) and ab workouts.

I laid it out in the sun all day. Washed it twice, used it four times, but still slippery. Arrived ahead of schedule, exactly what was ordered. It arrived in perfect condition, no flaws, more cushioning that any mat that I have seen. It seems like the quality is above and beyond the rest of the mat world.

The only negative aspect is the weight. It’s a bit heavy to carry around, but I can live with that. Highly recommend this mat for everyone! Pay the high price, it’s so worth it! I bought it to use it for P90X and it serves this purpose well. This mat is of very good quality; it doesn’t move when you use it, it is comfortable, and it is large. This is the second one I bought, this time from Amazon, and it is identical (and of course cheaper). Be sure to follow instructions for getting the initial slippery coating off and it will work great for you.

And it’s long enough for even those extreme stretches (maybe not if you’re over 6 feet, but certainly for those of us who are of more normal stature). patio landscaping.

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