Elliptical Trainers And Their Flywheel

Whether you want to workout at a gym or health club, or do it from the comfort of your own home, the elliptical trainer is the machine for you. It is now a very popular exercise machine due to the excellent cardio workout you get, with very low impact on your joints, so far fewer injuries and a lot less pain. This means a huge range of people can use them, even those with more brittle bones or with existing injuries. For both weight loss and fitness the elliptical trainer works out all of the body, upper and lower, and makes a very wise investment. So here is a little advice if you are thinking of buying one.

The wide range of choice means there is an elliptical trainer for nearly everyone and prices range from $500 to $5000 but you do get what you pay for. The component to be focused on when buying an elliptical is the flywheel. It is what makes the circular motion of exercise and is also what allows you to change resistance to increase your workout intensity.

If you choose a machine just on how cheap it is you are likely to get something that comes with cheap parts. Cheap ellipticals also have cheap flywheels that are designed with belts to create the resistance and these belts do not have a long life span. On the other hand the more expensive machines use a magnetic system that is for more sophisticated as it alternates electrical current to create the resistance levels.

The flywheel’s position is also a factor to consider before you make a purchase. Older models have one large flywheel which fits at the back of the trainer. They are therefore large machines, which may be a problem if you have limited space. However there is now an alternative to this, which designers say improves the machine’s stability and smooth motion. Some later models have two smaller flywheels that sit next to each other making a fatter machine but not as long.

Warranty is very important. You must make sure you have some form of warranty on the flywheel. At the least you should expect a year to be covered, but there are companies that offer more, even as much as 5 years. Stick with known and trusted brands so that you know the warranty will be honoured.

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