Finest Shiatsu Massage Treatments In Massage Chairs On The Market

Did you know that some massage chairs can have over 800 different massage types and locations? It is simply amazing, that massage chairs have replicated many of the most popular massage treatments into their programs. There are over 200 legitimated massage techniques represented by massage schools. It is simply amazing that massage chairs have integrated an astounding level of massage treatments in one location.

The shiatsu massage treatment is a great way to go. Shiatsu provides an overall massage but also targets different acupoints throughout the body. These acupoints are stimulated to help induce total relaxation and enhance the flow of energy in the body.

The famous shiatsu massage technique was refined for centuries and Japan. Shiatsu is a form of acupressure massage. The massage uses increasing pressure to stimulate acupoints. This stimulation of acupoints helps to relax the different parts of the body and with the flow of energy.

In order to provide a shiatsu massage in a massage chair, the acupoints need to be identified on the back, shoulder and neck. Some massage chairs have built-in body scanning technology to identify such point. The massage chair will make a scan of your body and determined these locations. The computer then targets the most important acupoints for stimulation.

One of my favorites is the foot reflexology massage. When your feet are tired, aching and sore, then this is a perfect time for a reflexology foot massage. The reflexology foot massage not only relaxes your feet but also your whole body.

Reflexology foot massage is based on the concept of stimulating different points on the soles of the feet. These points are believed to be linked to other parts of the body. When stress activates your body for action, a reflexology massage helps to reverse this process and bring calmness and relaxation.

There are a few different techniques for accomplishing the foot reflexology massage. Some the size manufacturers use reflexology nodes while others use reflexology plates. Air compression is almost always used to squeeze relieve the tension and the feet.

Massage chairs are great for targeting specific relief. If you have a knot in your back, then target it with the massage chair. Loosen the muscle and let it penetrate through it. As it listens, relief from the stiffness will occur.

One of my favorite massage techniques is the rolling massage. The rolling massage sends the rollers up and down your spinal column. Set the rollers at the minimum bid and let it move up and down your spine. This helps to gently adjust each of your discs relieving tension in your pack.

The stretching system of massage chair is another great treatment. I like to use the stretching system during the full body massage. The program will time the stretch as part of the overall massage.

The lower body stretching system is very interesting. This particular feature works off of the leg rest. The leg rest will hold onto your feet. It then will move fully horizontal. It will then start to lower to three successively lower positions. This is a great way to stretch out the lower body.

These are just a few of the many great features found in massage chairs. Many massage chairs now have music players, heating systems and provide full body massage treatments. Massage chairs work off a remote control which allows the user to select specific options.

There are many different massage chair brands. Each offers slightly different feature sets. Compare some of the top national brands to find one that best fits your needs. Massage chairs have some excellent natural treatments. It is a great way to get massage therapy and more on demand.

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