Fitness Equipment: A Review Of The Reebok I-Run Treadmill

It is a familiar fact that treadmills are one of the most preferred types of fitness equipment. Exercising on a treadmill can be highly effective, in spite of your fitness level. Newcomers, particularly, are glad that they can commence their fitness routine on a treadmill walking at a usual rate. Over time staying power and power will improve, till it’s possible to run or jog at quicker rate. The cardiovascular benefits of working out on a treadmill can be major also. Here’s some detailed information concerning reasonably priced treadmill we think is grand, the Reebok I-Run.

Total Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Major Qualities:

Screenings and reports on time, distance and calories used up in an exercise routine

Integrated pulse sensors monitor and measure heart rate to guarantee the efficiency of your workout

Includes 6 set programmes for a selection of routines and fitness stages

Contains a single, sizeable, backlit LCD screen that is easy to read

Folds up without trouble and has a one-button release from the compacted position for effortless use

Comes in 5 colours to match up any decorations

Cost: Around 599.99

Product Description:

We estimate that the Reebok I-Run treadmill is among the best bargains around in a folding treadmill with plenty of extras. It is available in 5 stylish colours: black, orange, pink, blue and white. This is a good machine for beginners and middling’s, having a highest pace of 14km/h (8.7mph). The I-Run has 2 incline stages and an integral computer/monitor that measures time, distance, and calories used up. The treadmill has 6 fixed programmes: manual, distance, time, calories, 15 minute basic and 30 minute cardiovascular. For a lot more on the programmes, take a look at what follows The I-Run too measures and checks heart rate.

Product Plans:

Pace range: 0.8 to 14kmh (0.5 to 8.7mph) Slant levels: 2 Folded dimensions: 47 x 80 x 159cm Assembled dimensions: 161 x 80 x 131cm Weight: 60kg (132lb) Person weight limit: 100kg (15st, 220lb)

Product Characteristics:

The Reebok I-Run has an exceptional plan which permits it to fold to just under 50cm in depth. Which Means you without a problem can store it almost anywhere, counting underneath the bed, when not in use. The treadmill as well includes wheels that help with transferring. The I-Run will come “built in the box,” implicating that there will be no connection required, therefore you’re ready to use it within minutes of unpacking it. The running deck is durable and comfortable and the 1.75 HP motor is robust, reasonably quiet and more than sufficient for the work.

Regarding the Inbuilt Programmes:

Programme 1 allows manual entry of parameters as in time, distance, pace and calories for a entirely customised exercise session.

Programme 2 consents to manual entry of the favoured distance and has a built-in cool-down period of time when the distance is attained.

Programme 3 is anchored on the wanted time duration of the workout routine and contains an incorporated cool-down period of time when the time length is arrived at.

Programme 4 is footed on the quantity of calories you wish to use through your workout and come with a built-in cool-down time period when the quantity of calories used is attained.

Programme 5 is a 15 minute basic training exercise session footed on one of 5 different speed stages and has a integrated cool-down period of time when 15 minutes have passed.

Programme 6 is a 30 minute cardiovascular training workout routine founded on one of 5 distinct pace ranges and has a built-in cool-down period of time when 30 minutes have elapsed.

Guarantee Information: 2 years parts and labour


We believe the Reebok I-Run is a perfect treadmill for beginners and midway stage people. It has stylish excellent looks also. Many people who make use of a treadmill start out by just walking. Over time, since their energy and stamina heightens, they walk more briskly and at last “graduate” to running. You may encounter some trembling on the I-Run when running hard as it is a compact, light weighing machine. Some people also have noted that the running deck is pretty undersized.

Apart from energy and endurance benefits, working out on fitness equipment like a treadmill uses calories, assists to tone the lower body and offers essential good cardiovascular end results also. The inexpensive Reebok I-Run is a great place to start.

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