HGH Types

There are 4 types of HGH supplementation: HGH injections, HGH Pills, HGH Sprays and HGH releasers also known as producers, enhancers, precursors or secretagogues. All HGH products can be classified in one of these four hgh types.
HGH Injections

Approved by FDA. Prescription required. The HGH injections are a synthetically created hormone that could administer complete Human Growth Hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

The effects of the injections are not dependent upon the functioning of the pituitary gland. HGH injections are one of the most expensive medications ($20,000+ a year)

The problem with HGH Injections is your body quickly identifies this synthetic HGH as being a foreign hormone and as a consequence you could experience some of the dangerous side effects: increased risk of having cancer and allergic reaction, heart attack, liver damage, kidney damage, carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis and edema.

However, Human Growth Hormone injections are the only possible solution for children with growing disorders that was due to the lack of the hormone as their pituitary gland wasn’t manufacturing enough, or as much as was needed. Actually, it is still the main reason for its existence and use.

Note: If you discover a place to buy HGH injections on line, you should know this is either illegal or such injections actually does not contain Human Growth Hormone (Somatropin).
HGH Pills

HGH Pills are cheap and affordable medications. They are created to trigger pituitary gland and naturally increase your HGH production. It sounds good in theory, but reality is somewhat different.

Most of the active ingredients from HGH pills are digested by your stomach before they have a chance to enter your bloodstream and benefit your health. Therefore, you will have no use of HGH Pills.
HGH Sprays

HGH sprays are another type of HGH supplementation which do not require prescription. Various companies wanting to earn on the HGH craze have created HGH sprays, claiming it to be more efficient and cheaper than the FDA approved HGH injections. These HGH sprays just do not do what they claim to.

HGH is big, fragile protein molecule with a molecular weight of 20,000. It have 191 amino acids in an exact sequence, with many fragile cross-linkages that give it a specific 3-D configuration. Its only source is from human genes, using very expensive recombinant DNA technology (This is why are HGH Injections so expensive)

There is absolutely no naturally occurring plant source of HGH or HGH from any other source, even from other animals. It simply does not work in humans. HGH must be made using human genetics.

If by chance some HGH sprays contain real hormone two new problems arises:

The doses of HGH in the spray used are usually in nanograms, much lesser than the typical injection doses. So, how can be they be effective in such small quantity?

The regular Human Growth Hormone normally must be injected as the HGH molecule is too large to travel through your skin into your system. Again, no use of HGH Sprays.
HGH Releasers

HGH releasers are developed to increase the secretion of the body’s HG hormones naturally. HGH releasers does not have hormones in it but instead natural ingredients which induce the release of hormones.

HGH Releasers work in-sync with your body. From all four HGH types It is the safest, most powerful and most efficient way to increase growth hormone levels in the body.

HGH releasers (also known as HGH producers, enhancers, precursors or secretagogues) are of large help in slowing the aging process. They assist in preserving the levels of HGH in our body over times when they are lower.

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