How Reflexology Can Help You

Reflexes. We all have them. Our eyes blink when the wind blows, our muscles tense as we jump when startled, your finger quickly pulls away from a hot surface without you even having to think about it. These are very visible responses, or reflexes, our body has to the environment. They are designed to maintain balance in our body and protect us from the environment. But our bodies also have less visible reflexes.

Our bodies receive information from our environment and from inside our bodies as well. For example, our organs send information to be processed. As our bodies process this information, there are predictable responses that occur. The result of this can be aches in various muscles groups, and it is even possible for certain systems to stop functioning correctly. Digestion issues are just one example of a system that is no longer functioning at optimal levels. Reflexology, however, can help these issues to resolve.

Reflexology is the art and practice of massaging or manipulating certain places located on the feet and the hands. These specific areas relate to different parts of the body, including organs. For instance, by manipulating the tips of the toes, you can affect the head. If you manipulate the ball of the foot, the liver will be impacted. The pancreas, liver and kidneys are connected to the arch of the foot, and the lower back and intestines are reflected in the heel area of the foot.

Research has demonstrated that you can definitely affect one part of the body by manipulating a corresponding part. This makes sense, especially when you consider how the body is put together and connect. For example, small cells combine to make tissues, and these tissues combine to then make organs. The organs again combine to make a whole system, which then creates the entire body. These systems all work with each other, with the nervous system functioning as the control center. Everything is connected, and in order to work in harmony, this connection needs to stay in balance.

A typical reflexology session can be done in thirty minutes. You stay fully clothed (except for shoes and socks), so it is great for those new to massage who might be a little nervous. It brings you into a deep state of relaxation [the first step in breaking the stress cycle], assists your body in ridding itself of toxins, improves circulation, and helps return your body to its natural state of homeostasis. These are all great things to assist you in your healing process.

Expect to feel very relaxed when your session is over. Sleepiness may also be present. If you feel nausea or anxiety, do not be alarmed. These feelings will not last long and are considered to be part of the healing process.

About the author: Vito La Fata is a fitness professional who can show you how to use reflexology to get fit and lose weight. Contact him for more tips on health and fitness in Laguna Hills.

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