How To Digest More Protein

Protein doesn’t just build muscles, it does many other things. And if you aren’t maximizing protein absorption within your body, your results will slow down.

The main issue here, however, is that many people do not know how to increase protein absorption.

So here is how to optimize your protein intake:

1. Focus on roughage: Having lots of roughage each time you eat protein is a great way to slow down digestion. And slower digestion will translate into more protein going to your active tissues. You see, if protein digests too quickly your body can’t absorb all of it.

2. Make sure at least half of your protein intake is from complete sources: This is mostly an issue for vegetarians as animal sources of protein are always complete. Now complete sources of protein are the ones that have all amino acids.

3. Don’t overdo it: Having too much protein is not better here. If you have too much you will decrease absorption and run the risk of burning through muscle. Even worse, your body will begin to secrete excess calcium.

4. Don’t leave out other macronutrients: Although this may sound basic, having balanced meals is really the best way to enhance protein absorption in your body. You see, each macronutrient slows down digestion in its own unique way.

5. Eat frequently: After a couple hours your body begins to burn through lean muscle tissue. This happens because you do not have an ample reserve of disposable protein in your body. Thus, the best strategy here is to eat every couple of hours.

6. Have some fast digesting protein immediately after a workout: Now just make sure that you have four times more carbs than protein here. If you have too much protein the absorption of carbs will be hindered. And try to have whey protein here for best results.

Optimizing your protein intake will not only help you lose more fat, but it will also accelerate recovery and provide an overall health boost. So take action here sooner rather than later!

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