How to do a Shoulder Press

Shoulder presses are a exercise staple for men wanting to get the robust upper body look and women wanting arm toning that makes a strapless outfit look dazzling. There are several different types of shoulder presses but the concept is the same for all of them, powerful shoulders! Many women work the arms but avoid the shoulders. This is a blunder because powerful shoulders are needed to assist other upper body muscles and they can truly help to make you look finely toned.

Medium to heavy dumbbells are generally utilized for men but usually, ladies need to lighten the load a touch because their upper body is not as strong as men’s. Also, ladies need to be cautious of overloading the shoulders because rotator cuff wounds can be an issue for girls as they grow older. This should not be discouraging though. Exercising and challenging the muscles can still be done without lifting heavy weights and causing damage.

To do the shoulder press:

You can do this workout routine while standing or sitting, for this outline, you are going to be standing. Start standing tall with feet shoulder width apart and weights at your side. Bring the weights up to the shoulders with the arms facing out, elbows should be close to the body. Keep the belly and booty engaged and lift the weights up and over the head. The elbows should be close to the head. Don’t rattle the weights together, keep the lift controlled. Breathe. Now bring the weights back down to the starting position. Repeat 10 times keeping the move slow and controlled. Work up to 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

There are two variances of this shoulder press. The first is the first position of the arms and then, the elbows. In the article above, you have the maximum range of motion when the hands are originating at shoulder height and the elbows are at chest level. Another way to start the same shoulder press workout is to have the hands by the ears and the elbows at shoulder height. Either way, the shoulder muscles are going to be engaged but the first way I described is more challenging for those lifting big weights than the last description.

Add the shoulder press exercise to your upper body weight-lifting routine and you may see and feel the results within days! Remember, working all of the muscle groups is significant to complete a powerful and attractive physique.

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