How to Lose Weight and Get Fit with a Wall Calendar!

Something as simple as a wall calendar can help motivate you to reach your fitness and weight loss goals. It works with almost every exercise program. If you are lifting weights, going to classes at your local gym, running, or using a home fitness program, using a calendar can benfit you.

Your simple wall calendar can throw a guilt trip on you if you miss a workout, and fuel your success as you watch it fill up with completed workouts. Your calendar will not lie to you unless you lie to it first. It will stare back at you and remind you that you skipped out yesterday, or that you fulfilled yesterday’s goal. Your bathroom scale on the other hand is slow to report, and may give you misleading progress reports.

Make sure your workouts are set up in stages. You should already know that performing the same movements over and over again is not the most beneficial way to get results. Take that a step further and put up a calendar near your workout area, or if you go out to exercise, try placing it near where you might keep your gym bag or running shoes.

For each segment of your workout, assign a specific number of days for its completion. Each of your workout segments should be marked on your calendar. If you have a 30 day workout stage, mark it out as day 1 through day 30 on your calendar. As you go through the segment, place a big X on the completed workout for that day.

This will help keep you motivated in a couple of ways. First, you will find that any days that you skip and are not marked with an X will bug the heck out of you and you will try harder to get each day’s workout completed. Second, it gives you a countdown, or visible progress report that shows you are getting closer each day to completing this stage and it is a good feeling.

Team Beachbody uses calendars in many of their more popular home DVD workout programs. With these programs you get a calendar that counts out a 60 day program or a 90 day program that is often broken down into 30 day segments, and you get instructions on which workout to complete for each day of the program.

As an Independent Team Beachbody Coach, I encourage you to hang in there with your program, whatever it may be, get healthy, and share your success to help motivate others to get healthy too!

Jim Ford is an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and offers his help to those seeking to improve their health. Visit his site for your fitness and weight loss help, or learn how you can become a coachand help others meet their goals too!

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