How to Lose Weight Both Quickly and Safely

Like so many things in our society, when people decide they need to lose weight, they want it to happen as fast as possible. If you find yourself in this position, here a a few pointers on how to lose weight fast AND safe.

Weight loss is all about calories in versus calories out (burned). The formula is not complicated. But to ensure consistent weight loss, you must supply your body with the nutrients is needs, or you might actually retard weight loss.

Step One – Get Rid of Processed Carbohydrates

The most important step you can take is to remove all highly processed carbs from your diet. Unless you are in the gym for a couple hours a day, performing intense workouts, you don’t need carb rich foods such as pasta, breads, and grains. The reason for this is simple. Any carbs or sugars that you eat are converted to glucose by your body. If you don’t immediately use that fuel, your body secrets insulin, which then stores that glucose in your fat cells. And no one wants that.

Carbohydrates also trigger hunger hormones. This may sound backwards since after a big plate of pasta, you could be feeling absolutely stuffed, but a couple hours later, you will begin to feel hungry again. This is a hormonal response.

Instead of grains, get energy from yams, sweet potatoes, and other root vegetables. They contain carbs, but are less likely to cause a spike in your insulin levels because of lower sugar content. Fruits can also be a good source of energy. They do contain more sugars, so don’t go crazy with them.

When you stop eating so many carbs an interesting thing begins to happen. Your body begins to depend on your fat stores for additional energy. This is key to achieving the look you want.

Step Two – Eat More Protein

Proteins are one of the most efficient calories you can eat. At 3.2 kcal/gram, they are better than either carbs (4 kcal/gram) or fats (9 kcal/gram). Proteins also help your body build muscle, which burns additional calories. And it’s all about burning calories when you’re trying to drop weight quickly. Foods such as grass fed beef, wild salmon, and pastured chickens and eggs are great sources of protein.

Bison is another great meat for losing weight fast. It is typically leaner than beef, so it contains the same amount of protein, but with fewer calories.

Step Three – More Veggies

Vegetables contain loads of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. They are good for your body in countless ways.

They also serve a vital role in keeping you full between meals. Because fiber digests slowly, and vegetables are full of fiber, you will be less inclined to want to snack between meals. This helps you towards your goal of creating a calorie deficit. Keep in mind that some vegetables are higher in calories than others. Avacado for example, is high in fat. They are extremely good for you, but maybe not the best choice when trying to quickly shed a few pounds.

Step Four – Increase Healthy Fats

This step may sound counter intuitive, but your body needs good fats for optimal performance. Fats, especially saturated, have gotten a bad name over the past few decades. But healthy fats from grass fed beef, pastured eggs, coconut oil, and nuts actually help our body absorb nutrients and stay lean.

Another important role that fat plays is as an appetite suppressor. Fats trigger a hormonal response that tells our brains that we are full. In conjunction with high vegetable consumption, fats will help you keep snacks to a minimum.

It’s important to note that fats are very high in calories, so you have to use restraint in eating them. Eating a bowl of ice cream instead of a couple of dinner rolls is not going to help you lose weight fast. But a handful of almonds or walnuts can help reduce your appetite, while supplying your body with fuel it needs.

Step Five – Start Exercising

Exercising is a great way to accelerate weight loss. The more intense the exercise, the more calories you will burn. Exercise is an important part of losing weight quickly.

To be consistent, it’s important to pick an exercise that you actually enjoy. This will keep you looking forward to your workouts rather than dreading them. It’s important to focus on strength training as well as cardio.

Strength training builds muscle. And muscle burns calories even when you’re resting. Additionally the repair process your body goes through after a heavy workout burns additional calories.

Cardio is also good for you. If you are doing both weights and cardio, you can go less intense with your cardio workouts. This will help you keep from getting burned out.

Make sure you stay properly hydrated when exercising. Avoid high calorie sports drinks, they are loaded with calories and sugars. Drink low-cal beverages or water.

Lastly – DO NOT Starve Yourself

Starving yourself will not help you in your quest to get to your ideal weight quickly. More than likely your body will respond by making you crave even more food.

Feed your body what it needs, and it will respond by becoming naturally leaner.

If you’re looking for a long term lifestyle that can help you stay lean, look into the Paleo Diet. It is NOT a diet that was designed around our bodies, instead, it is the diet to which our bodies have adapted to over millions of years.

Hopefully this serves as a good starting point for the beginning of your weight loss success.

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