How To Make Ketogenesis Work For You

The fastest way to lose weight is to eliminate carbohydrates while simultaneously increasing protein intake. There is no faster way to lose weight.

The bad news here is that most people do not know how to stay in ketogenesis the right way.

So here are some strategies for taking carbs out of your diet the healthy way:

1. Have some more calcium: One problem with protein is that it makes your body secrete more calcium. So for the best results, you need to have some type of supplemental calcium in your diet. Otherwise, you run the risk of a calcium deficiency.

2. Don’t go so heavy: When you are working out, don’t lift the heaviest weights you can find. Instead, lift lighter weights that don’t break down your body. If you do, you will not be able to recover and you run the risk of getting sick.

3. Have carbs once every seven days: Doing this will prevent your metabolism from crashing. You see, without carbs your body will burn through all its muscle mass. So it’s best to have a re-feeding period where you can minimize this effect.

4. Take in extra fiber: And you will most likely have to do this with supplements because natural sources of fiber have carbs in them. The problem here is that without fiber you are most likely going to get constipated because of all the protein.

5. Drink water: Your body needs seven times more water to digest and process protein. So it’s critical that you drink lots of water when you are going into ketosis. The key here is to have water in between meals for maximum hydration.

6. Eat every three hours even if you aren’t hungry: Eating every three hours will prevent your body from losing too much muscle mass. You need to really focus on this because high protein diets blunt hunger. And in this case, it can blunt hunger too much.

High protein dieting is not healthy. The good news, though, is that the tips in this article can help you minimize the negative side effects.

Author Katherine Crawford, an exercise physiologist and recent arm fat sufferer, instructs on how to tone arms. Figure out how to get sexy and toned arms by exploring her website with advice on how to get rid of arm fat right now!

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