How You Can Build Muscle Without Weights

Obesity is an increasing concern throughout the world. A lot of people want to be fitter. However what is also true is that not everyone has access to gyms or can afford the equipment they think is necessary to get that perfect toned body. It is possible to learn how to build muscle without weights.

This does not mean a dietary supplement or illegal drugs. Nor is it about drinking down raw egg or other extreme approaches that you may have seen on television or films. As with anything in life the best long term approach is to maintain a routine of healthy diet and exercise.

People often say that they do not have time to do exercise. However it is possible to spend some time doing three sets of different exercises such as push ups at various times in the day. It is a good way to help you wake up in the morning, a way to help release stress at the end of the day and the energy expelled before you go to bed can often make it easier to sleep at night.

There are two main types of non weight training exercises, resistance band exercises and those that use the weight of your body. In order to achieve the best results you should balance both types. One of the best examples is push ups.

Demonstration videos online will help show you the correct way of doing each exercise. It is better to do fewer repetitions correctly then it is to do a large amount in the wrong way. An additional benefit of this type of video is that you can pause it to see how to do it in the most efficient way.

Other exercises work other parts of the body. Bicycle crunches are best for the upper abdomen. Lie back on the floor with hands behind your head. You then put your left elbow to your right knee. Repeat this and then do it with the opposite elbow. Standing calf raises and squats are best for shaping the legs.

How to build muscle weights without weights also depends on the right diet. Proteins such as lean meat are good for building up bulk. The right carbohydrates such as oatmeal and fruit are also useful in a balanced diet as they fill you up and reduce the need for snacking. Look online for demonstration videos of exercises and more advice on natural body building.

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