It's Not So Easy To Get A Six Pack Of Which You Can Be Proud

Back in the 90’s when you were in high school you were on the school track team. You pumped a little iron with your next door neighbor twice a week and did not drink, smoke, or eat junk food. When you look at pictures of yourself at seventeen, you can’t imagine having that kind of build. You were trim and cut and had sculpted six pack abs that you would kill for today. Of course, you also had the metabolism of a turbo charged seventeen year old.

Now, in your mid-thirties, you run practically everyday. You are considerably more careful about what you eat than you were at seventeen, and you put yourself through three or four moderately serious workouts at your local gym every week. And yet you’ve been forced to accept that you will never have that seventeen year old body again.

The fact is that you’re in far better shape than most guys ten years younger, and you feel good about that. You can live without the chiseled pecs and the massive pipes that you see on so many of the young bucks at your gym, but you’d really love to get a six pack you could be proud of again.

##Research exercises that effectively target the lower abdominals

Even if you go the gym on a regular basis, and even if you are in great shape, if you want to get a six pack, you are going to have to consciously and aggressively target the lower abdominal muscles. Talk to the trainers available at the gym, and look up online exercise videos which are specifically designed to work the abs.

##Pay close attention to your form

It is really essential, if you’re wishing to get absolutely the most benefit from your lower ab exercises, that you pay specific attention to your form. This will be the only way to correctly isolate those muscles. It’s far too easy with most ab exercises to cheat and inadvertently pass some of the work to collateral muscle groups.

##Crack down on your diet

The tough thing about attempting to get a six pack is that constructing those abdominal muscles is only half the battle. In fact, unless you are a seventeen year old track star, the building of those muscles is most likely the less difficult half of the equation. Six pack abs demand that you vigorously carve away body fat. You might think as a runner that you do not have much extra body fat to lose, but if you’re hoping to get a six pack, you really need to chip away at what is there with some kind of serious six pack abs diet.

##Be patient

Be aware that the pursuit of a six pack is going to take time. The reason six packs serve as such a badge of honor among fitness buffs is precisely because they are so difficult to achieve. Don’t let yourself get disheartened though. If you stay focused and refuse to compromise when it comes to what you need to do, you will get there eventually.

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