Lessons On How To Get A Six Pack

Are your workouts wearing you out but you’re not getting the desired results in your abdominal area? Continue reading and you’ll find out how to get a six pack that will have everybody taking a double look!

## What Are The Basics Of A Six Pack?

The secret to replacing your own less-than-fantastic abdominal area with a much desired six pack isn’t really a secret at all. You’ve got to work hard and focus on targeted exercises that isolate the abdominals. Simple no?

You can have perfectly toned abs, but if there is a layer of fat over them, no one will be able to see them. Thus, if you want to see those muscles, you will need to complement your workouts with a good diet. Crunches and workouts alone will not strip that fat off your belly to let the abs come through.

## What Kind Of Training Do I Need To Do To Get A Six Pack?

All you need to turn your flab into the six pack you plan to show off at the beach this summer is a few abs-centered exercises that are really in no way revolutionary. In fact, most have been around for years and continue to be used because they work! All you need is your body and enough room on the floor to lie yourself down. Here a few examples:

-The most basic of abs training exercises is of course the lowly but extremely effective sit-up. You learned how they’re done in gym class in elementary school so you’ll need to cast your mind way back and get back to this basic. It is important that you follow through until your elbows touch your kneecaps and then slowly lower yourself back down.

– Crunches: this will be one of your most basic exercises. Lie on your back with your knees bent. Put your hands behind your head, tighten your abs, and raise your shoulder blades off the floor. Keep the small of your back pushed into the floor to really concentrate the workout. Hold for three seconds, and then lower yourself back down.

-This next exercise uses the weight of your legs to tighten and strengthen your abs. To do a proper leg lift, lay yourself down on the floor, legs together straight out in front of you with your hands positioned under your butt. Lift both legs together to a 45 degree angle with the floor, being sure not to bend your knees and to keep your lower back pressed firmly into the floor. Keep your legs in this position for 10 seconds then lower them slowly back to the floor. The key here is to keep your lower back pressed firmly into the floor so as to reap the full benefit from the weight of your legs.

-The Plank: This exercise is a take on the push-up but instead of pushing yourself up and down on your hands, you rest the weight of your upper body on your elbows and hold the position for 30 counts and then relax. It sounds much easier than it is but it’s worth it because it yields results!

For each of the exercises above, start with sets of ten and work up to sets of twenty. Repeat these as often as possible during the day. Training to get a six pack takes a lot of work and dedication; the more you put into it, the more you are going to get out of it, and the faster you will be on your way to those great abs.

Add a bit of cardio and some core strength training to the exercises detailed above, eat the right low-fat foods and you’ll achieve that six pack physique in no time. You’ll be ripping off your shirt at the beach, at the park, while you’re out running… and so on and so on! Why not? You worked for it and you know you look good!

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