Making The Change From A Shortboard To A Sector 9 Longboard

While skateboarding has been popular for many years now with a short board, new technologies have changed the way skaters enjoy their sport. With the Sector 9 Longboard, skaters now have access to a fun and efficient new segment of the sport. This makes the case for change an easy decision.

The larger board relates to a different style of skating. Gone is the rough and choppy feeling of traditional skating and instead with added length comes a smoothness of ride that equates to the feeling of freedom as you coast down the road. Sweeping carves clear the mind and make downhill sections an exciting diversion.

The popularity of the long board is growing. It has become quite common for groups of friends and skating enthusiasts to take up the longer boards and develop new tricks and techniques that suit this style of skating. The experience of learning new skills from a community is valuable and makes riding that much more enjoyable.

Great strides have been made in promoting biking as an environmentally friendly and healthy way to help be green. Skateboarding has largely been ignored in this push for responsibility, but the long board actually makes commuting fun and exciting. Due to the fact that the board delivers a smoother ride and is comfortable to use for longer periods of time it is a perfect choice for tackling a daily commute whether that be to work, school or wherever life takes you.

A change in equipment also brings the opportunity to learn new skills. The longer boards used in this style of skating are suited to different competitive events such as downhill and slalom street course activities. The tricks and techniques involved in these events are developed through practice and innovation. Since the sport is still quite young, there are many tricks and techniques still to be developed.

A longer board supports the opportunity to get some practice in other sports as well. The techniques and muscle sets employed in the sport are also used in surfing, windsurfing and snowboarding. This allows the skater to practice and develop their skills even if there are no waves, wind or snow. All you need is some pavement and the desire for fresh air to get going.

Changing up an old practice is a liberating experience. For anyone who has skated before and let their hobby fall to the wayside or for those who engage in many sports and are looking for the fun and thrill of riding, a Sector 9 Longboard is the right place to start. In no time, the wind will be blowing in your face and your heart will be pumping at the great fun that the sport delivers.

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