Mistakes That Will Stop You From Gaining Weight

Individuals who have a hard time adding mass are known as hardgainers. They have high metabolisms and often try for years to gain weight without success. Although most put forth a lot of effort to gain weight many hardgainers make at least one mistake that stops then from being able to add mass. Here are some of the more common mistakes:

Spending too many hours working out

Some people still think that they have to work out for four or five hours per day to get big. They have been misled by bodybuilding magazines and by trying to follow the workouts that pro bodybuilders who use steroids do. The reality is that your best results will come by working out for 45 min to an hour 3-5 times per week.

Not eating enough food

This might be an obvious one but probably the most over looked. Most hardgainers don’t enough calories even though they think they eat a lot. Some days they probably do but it has to be done consistently, day after day.

Doing too much cardiovascular exercise

Cardio is great but too much will keep you from achieving your weight gain goals simply because you will burn too many calories. When bulking either stop cardio temporarily or cut it down to a minimum.

Not eating the right types of foods

Even though as a hardgainer it may seem that you can eat whatever you want and not gain weight you shouldn’t look at this as an excuse to eat junk food and other foods that lack quality nutrition. When you fill up on food that has little or no nutritional benefits you are preventing yourself from being able to consume more of the healthy foods that contain the healthy carbs, healthy fats and protein your body needs to build lean muscle mass.

Not consuming enough protein during the day

Protein is vital for building muscle. It is extremely important to get around one to one and half grams per pound of bodyweight. This needs to be done consistently every day. This is a lot of protein and needs to be spread out throughout the entire day so your body can digest it properly. Aim for thirty grams every two to three hours.

Not tracking protein and calorie consumption

Yes, figuring out and writing down all the calories and protein that you eat in a day is a lot of work. It’s a little time consuming and definitely takes some effort and commitment. That’s part of building muscle though. It doesn’t just take hard work in the gym. You need to put out the same amount of effort outside the gym as you do inside. Track your calories and protein in a small notebook each day and you will most likely see that you are lacking in one or both. Fix it and you will be on your way to building mass.

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