Mixed Martial Arts Workout Circuit

MMA style workouts are becoming increasingly popular as individuals are beginning to realise the potential such workouts have. With the increase in media broadcasting and coverage of MMA people are quite rightly seeing MMA fighters in their true form – as some of the best conditioned athletes in the world and as such they wish to replicate the physiques they see on a frequent basis, MMA workouts are of course the best way to achieve these goals. The remainder of this article will therefore run through some of the most effective and popular MMA workouts currently used.

Any complete MMA workout routine will usually focus, or at least contain aspects of plyometrics and anaerobic/ aerobics, 2 essential areas which are key to the success of an MMA fighter. Plyometric training will ensure that your tissue is strengthened, and that nerve cells are also trained to generate a strong muscle contraction in a relatively short period of time, leading to explosive power being developed over time. Aerobics and anaerobics will benefit you through ensuring that you avoid fatigue for as long as is naturally possible through developing a natural defence against lactic acid build up – the main cause of muscle fatigue. In light of the importance of these 2 areas you may wish to consider replicating the sample MMA workout program below, or to just simply use them as a foundation to work on for your own unique and custom home MMA workout.

Basic MMA Circuit:

This circuit is designed for those who are seeking an introduction to MMA workouts and can be performed at home or in your local gym.

1: Begin with 2 minutes of skipping at a relatively fast pace.

2: Then move onto box jumps using 4 boxes for 3 minutes.

3: Then move onto “burpees” (you may need to research this exercise online) for 30 repetitions.

Rest for a couple of minutes

4: Sprint from one side of your garden or open space to the other continuously for 3 minutes.

5: Then progress to jumping lunges for 35 reps.

Obviously a greater number of circuits and more variation would be required before you were to be classified as being fully trained for a fight but, as many people are seeking these exercises and exercise programs solely for aesthetical purposes this length of circuit will be more than adequate. It covers a whole range of exercises and works many different muscle groups and through supplementing this programme with other exercises you will be in MMA shape in no time at all and should you wish to explore MMA workouts further, other circuits can be obtained either from the web or through the use of an MMA workout DVD, both of which are available from numerous sources.

The original article plus other information about MMA workouts can be found here http://www.mmaworkouts.com.au/mixed-martial-arts/the-growth-in-popularity-of-mma-workouts.htm

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