Not Recommended Anymore – Wide Yoga Mat Review

However, I use it on carpet so it may stay put if used on bare floor. This is my 2nd Manduka black pro mat. The mat measures in at 1/4″ thick which means it’s extremely comfortable even if your only using it for stretching as there are some stretching positions that can get uncomfortable with cheaper mats especially if you suffer from pain in those areas anyways. I have now been using this mat for over 4 weeks and it’s been such a huge improvement over my previous mats that I felt inclined to come on here and write a review about it.

In the end, it performed better than what I was expecting. The only reason it didn’t get five stars is that there is an odor (that bothers my wife) that I am told will go away in time.

The mat is really nice and thick BUT I am going to return it. Although, I washed it twice with soap, it still was very slippery for me. This yoga mat will increase in stickiness with use. They start out mildly sticky and increase in stickiness the more they are used.

This mat is more sturdy and thick, thus padding the sensitive bony prominences. It is not slippery, though I wouldn’t say it is any better than other mats if you are doing a very sweaty (like sweat dripping off you into puddles) yoga–you still need a towel. I think I need to break it in a little more. It’s too soon to tell whether or not I’ll shred this one too.

The thickness provides much more comfort for some yoga positions. You get a good firm grip without sticking to the mat and dragging it with you when you change positions.

This is the second one I bought, this time from Amazon, and it is identical (and of course cheaper). Be sure to follow instructions for getting the initial slippery coating off and it will work great for you.

This is a luxury mat that is absolutely awesome to use. This mat offers enough cushion for balance security and allows you to relax and actually breathe into poses instead of constant rearranging yourself and hating being in class. Down-dog is very hard for me, and my version of the asana is rather wide, creating thrust at hands and feet. I bought this mat hoping to get better grip, especially when sweating, than is possible on lighter mats.

It’s a bit pricey, but worth the purchase. It makes downward dog and camel much easier for it cushions your hands, feet and knees.

It’s exactly what we were looking for. Works well on tile, wood and carpet floors. It has been through a lot of tough and demanding workouts such as Plyometrics and CardioX and it still looks the same as the day I bought it. I originally felt iffy about spending $80 on a yoga mat, but now that I have I’m happy because I know I will never need to buy another one for the rest of my life. He loves the mat; it is much gentler on his knees. It is a bit heavy, so just beware of that if you intend to travel with it.

However, I use it on carpet so it may stay put if used on bare floor. precast retaining wall.

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