Other Diet Mistakes That We Make

going out for cocktails

Actually, alcohol can do you and your friends a lot of great stuff in socializing. But when you think of all the bad stuff that it will do to your body when it comes to weight loss, you won’t be so happy at all. The liquid sugar of the alcoholic drinks can be too much. The calories can be pretty damaging too. You end up having a bigger belly. Remember the term “beer belly” There are also some types of alcohol that boosts your appetite such as red wine and beer. You end up eating all types of unhealthy and high caloric food that will not do you any good at all.

What should you do? There are some types of alcoholic drinks that are actually not that bad at all such as the white wine that has low calories and also low sugar content in its liquid. You can also choose to just limit your drinks so that you won’t have to end up doing nothing for your weight loss.

Drinking diet soda

It sounds like the best for those who are diet conscious but actually it isn’t. Why? These diet sodas don’t help you out in any manner concerning health and weight loss. There was also a controlled study on the diet soda drinkers that shows an increase in their waistline which is something that has become mind boggling for them. We believe that we don’t get as much calories when we drink these diet soda, right? So we tend to eat a little extra food. The problem is with the way we equate the caloric intake that we have. These drinks also help increase our appetite and thus, it can also make us eat more than we should. The sodium content makes us feel really thirsty, and this can be mistaken as hunger.

What should you do? Quit drinking diet soda. If you can’t just do it, then you know that when you keep drinking diet soda, you will feel more thirsty, so instead of eating, just drink more water to feel more hydrated and less thirsty.

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