Outstanding Consumer Support – Round Yoga Mat Review

I would never buy again nor would I recommend it. The order for the yoga/exercise mat was delivered in a timely manner and the mat is exactly what was needed in thickness and make. I’m an avid yoga guy who wanted a high quality mat. I live far from stores so I had to use the internet to guide me. I’ve had it for 3 months only, but despite reasonably heavy use (jumping, weights) it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. It just sits in my home, and that extra weight gives it extra stability because I use it for workouts (not yoga). Arrived ahead of schedule, exactly what was ordered. It arrived in perfect condition, no flaws, more cushioning that any mat that I have seen. It seems like the quality is above and beyond the rest of the mat world. As far as using it, it has an amazing floor support and the mat grips the floor very steadily, either on hardwood or on carpet. The support is nice with excellent thickness. It is a huge investment, but well worth it if you enjoy Hot Yoga. The mat is heavier than other mats so it would be helpful to have a carrying case or strap, but once you experience the comfort, durability and support of this mat you will know where your dollars went and most assuredly you won’t be disappointed. It gives just the right amount – enough to be extremely comfortable but not too much avoiding slippage. It’s a little more money than others but it will last. The mat is thicker, heavier and responsive to the body. Your feet feel both cradled and supported, while at the same time being firm enough to balance upon.

I even like that it’s heavy, it helps tone my arms! I bought the black mat due to great Amazon Customer reviews.

It’s not too thin or too thick. It’s perfect and roles up nicely when I’m done with it. It also doesn’t slide around on hardwood floors the way some regular mats do. After using this and going back to a regular mat, the old mats feel like standing on a sheet of paper. I think I need to break it in a little more. It’s too soon to tell whether or not I’ll shred this one too.

After spending months borrowing my wife’s Gaiam yoga mat, she surprised me with the Manduka BlackMatPRO for my birthday. When the hefty box arrived from Amazon, I knew immediately this mat was unlike any other mat.

I have used the Hugger Mugger version as well and I prefer this one hands down. I lost my first Manduka and thought I’d try the H.M.

I also bruise my knees easily and this mat cushions my knees just fine! Practicing yoga one or two times a day on hard wood floors on thinner mats causes my knees to hurt in some postures.

If you do hard core hot yoga, then I’d recommend getting an extra-long skidless towel. OUTDOOR ELECTRIC GRILL.

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