PACE Helps With Fast Fat & Weight Control

Great news for folks wanting to lose fat and to improve their health in general: Doctor. Sears just finished his PACE video.

The PACE program is a new exercise methodology that may overcome aerobics or cardio.

Getting Lean is simpler now…

The hour-long video guides thru the techniques that make PACE so special and how to use them. It discovers the PACE fat-consuming secrets.

Applying it to exact exercise programs, we are able to do the PACE elements laid out in front of us: Compared to cardio or aerobics, PACE is easy and takes up a lot less of our time. A further benefit is that one gets not knackered and bored.

Now Taking Off Pounds of Unwanted Fat requires about 10 minutes a day.

With PACE, we get a useful and trustworthy fat burning technique giving a good challenge, but straightforward to do- even though we are now flabby.

The programme is flexible and good to use long-term. Each place is Ok: the gym… At home… Hotel room… On vacation…

People typically hate exercises and workouts. Modern life unfortunately makes us a bit lazy. With PACE after only some minutes the good feeling of ‘I can do it” arrives and ensues with every step. Feeling refreshed and easy makes the program attractive to people of each age.

On the DVD the author-innovator, Doctor. Sears, explains the finer points of PACE in order to reconnect us to your own instincts, to the feelings and impulses that have become dreary and worn out from the conditioning of our modern world.

It's a common misconception that PACE would be something for fat folk only. No, it is way more. With this glorious motion-driver, we will do our best to prevent heart issues and stroke. 10 minutes a day is a very low price for it. It should be a very important part of our daily agenda for the following 80 years of our life.

For a limited time, the PACE DVD goes with a free bonus: Doctor. Seals ‘ Top 10 Fat Burning Workouts. This series is new and covers new concepts and new insights, which are not in the first book or DVD. We will be able to find out how to achieve an “oxygen debt” each time we do PACE… (Consumes fat like a blowtorch). We also can learn the secret of “heart rate variability” and how it protects from dangerous heart attacks.

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