Peak Performance Training Needs To Include this unique Breath Control Technique

Your breath is one of the finest assets you have that can determine your life force. Amazingly, your physique can go with out food for months and with no water for weeks. However, you cannot go without oxygen for more than a few minutes.

The oxygen you breathe every day feeds every part of your body and is the only crucial bodily function that’s performed consciously and that you can actually control with your conscious mind.

Perhaps because we breathe every moment of our life and we take it for granted that we don’t often give much thought to how it can accelerate optimal peak performance training in any sport for exercise.

It has all sorts of physiological effects on your body. Many say that breath is a doorway between the conscious and the unconscious mind. Many of us know how it helps relax you and feeds specific parts of the body like your brain with precious oxygen.

The Way You Breathe Can Give You Greater Control Over Your Nervous System

The way you breathe can provide you with greater power over your nervous system and can rapidly put you into a much more kinesthetic state – a feeling state. It’s to great advantage that sports athletes under pressure learn to stay in a feeling state via breath techniques rather than exit it by pulling back to the the tension filled left-brain over-intellectualizing state that usually triggers both constipated thought and movement.

Peak performance training should include this unique emphasis on breath control because you can/it is possible to greatly boost your strength, power, stamina, and mental focus by learning to map the trajectory of your breath on both inhalation and the exhalation phases. By using some easy methods that I will describe, you can quickly increase the efficiency of your lungs as well as change the entire structure in the way that your body moves efficiently with strength and endurance.

Most people inhale in and out in an angular fashion that’s short in both the inhalation and exhalation stages. We’ve been taught that power is to be demonstrated only on the exhale.

In fact, most athletes almost completely disregard the fact that the inhalation can quite often be equally as powerful as the exhalation phase. In fact, understanding how to exude power on the inhalation properly can often give you greater flexibility, fluidity, and powerful organic movement that quite often will overshadow the typically overly compressed constipated way people exhale when trying to exert more muscular strength.

Peak performance training ought to thus give the same emphasis to the inhalation and exhalation phases whenever engaging in strength training and sports training. You will not only significantly increase your stamina and lung capacity, but your strength, speed, organic movement – and especially, your mental focus.

Garin Bader is the founder and creator of CoreForce Energy, the peak performance training accelerant that gives you super strength, speed, Matix-like balance, flexibility, and mental focus quickly by fusing the mind body connection together with ground breaking techniques. Discover more about his training courses and peak performance training training seminars in addition to his profession as an award-winning pianist, master illusionist, painter, sculptor, martial artist, and author.

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