Product Review About The Omega M-2 Orion Massage Chair

Do massage chairs have to cost a fortune? The answer is only if you want them to. Many people have the perception that massage chairs are luxury items costing thousands and thousands of dollars. Certainly, there are luxury models in that particular class of the market. However, there are also some excellent massage chairs that are lower in price. In fact, the M2 Orion massage chair is priced under $1000. The M2 Orion massage chair provides full body massage capabilities.

The M2 massage chair has the capability to massage your back, buttocks, thighs and legs. It also has a number of interesting features allowing you to get a wide range of massage treatments. All of these work off the remote control.

The first thing you notice about the Orion massage chair is its striking design. It is a contemporary design with sweeping armrest. The armrests are very comfortable and contain a good amount of cushion. This is very relaxing for the arms while getting your massage.

If you have look at some of the lower and massage chairs, then you have probably come across the ijoy. The ijoy is a trendy entry level massage chair. It provides a decent back massage. However, it is more of a lounger than an effective massage therapy provider.

Unlike, the ijoy, the M2 massage chair is an actual chair. It also comes with a full body massage capability. I was quite surprised at the level of invigoration and penetration of the Orion massage chair. Its roller mechanism is such that it provides penetrating relief for the back, shoulders and neck.

I would like to a draw your attention to the sway manual massage of the M2. This massage technique is not often seen in any massage chair. It is, however, one of the more effective techniques. The sway massage provides a side to side motion across the back. This really helps to loosen up the muscles of the shoulder and back areas.

The M2 massage chair comes with three automatic, timed programs. These are massage programs already programmed into the chairs computer. Simply touch a button and the massage will run the entire chair.

A negative ion bar is also included in the M2 massage chair. When you receive a massage, be oxygen around the body may not move properly. To assist in the airflow, the negative ion bar creates a rise in the density of pure oxygen. This pushes the stale oxygen away from the body providing a healthier massage.

The leg rest of the M-2 massage chair is adjustable. This enables you to position the leg rest to target your calves or feet. The adjustment allows for an extra 3 inches of extension.

One important feature of any massage chair is to allow you to target the massage. The M2 Orion provides for three manual massage courses. This allows you to set a particular massage technique and specify the area of coverage. The three areas of coverage are overall, upper back and lower back.

The M2 Orion massage chair by Omega is unique in its class. It is the only massage chair which delivers a true full body massage. It is also a full sized chair enabling those with back trouble to easily exit the chair.

The M2 Orion massage chair was designed to provide effective massage therapy at a price practically everyone could afford. The M2 Orion has some vigorous and penetrating massage techniques. It is quite surprising as to the effectiveness of this massage recliner. If you have been looking for an entry level massage chair, then look no further, you have found the M2 Orion massage chair.

The M-2 Orion Massage Chair is the best massage chair in its class. You will be hard pressed to find a better value than the Orion Massage Chair. Find out more about the M-2 massage chair and the rest of the Omega Massage chair line at Massage Unlimited.

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