Product Review About The Omegas Montage Elite Massage Chair

We present this massage review for those interested in learning more about the Omega Montage Elite massage chair. The Montage Elite is one of the high end massage chairs made by Omega. We will make an evaluation of the important features, functions and warranty coverage of this massage recliner. Here is our review of the Omega Montage Elite massage chair recliner.

One of the first things to check out about any massage chair is the warranty coverage. A massage chair has many moving parts, a computer and other electrical components. Although the quality of these chairs is outstanding, sometimes problems do occur. You want to make sure that your relaxation does not become frustration, because you did not get sufficient warranty coverage.

The Montage Elite has a good, comprehensive warranty out of the gate. You get 5 years coverage on the frame, 3 years coverage on parts, 3 years coverage on labor, 1 year coverage on parts shipping expense and 90 days in home service. This is excellent coverage and exceeds the other top brands in the luxury massage chair category. You can get matching coverage from other top brands, but you must purchase the extended warranty.

Automatic programs are pre-programmed massages designed by the manufacturer to maximize the functions of the massage chair. The Montage Elite comes with five different automatic programs. Each of the five automatic programs is developed around a theme and includes the following: Activation, Relaxation, Vitality, Night and Morning. Activation and Vitality are more vigorous programs providing deeper massage therapy. Vitality is somewhat in the middle. Morning and Night are similar to warming up for Morning and warming down for Night.

There are also 4 manual massage techniques. The Montage Elite has kneading, tapping, finger press and shiatsu. These are further complimented with 6 manual back courses. You can choose from full back, lower back, middle back upper back, shoulder and neck. The shoulder and neck are unique to Omega. You can get the upper neck and base of the skull or the shoulders and the lower neck. These are very relieving for built up tension in those areas.

For the lower body, the Montage Elite uses an air system. The air massage system utilizes a series of airbags strategically placed throughout the chair. The air system targets your calves, feet, hips and buttocks with a compression style massage. One superb feature of the air massage is the Footflex reflexology massage for the feet. The Footflex technology soothes your feet while relaxing your entire body.

Another excellent feature of the Montage Elite is the traction system for the lower body. The traction system will stretch and elongate the lower extremities. It uses the leg rest to stretch you from the hips, legs and ankles. The foot airbags are activated to firmly hold your feet. The leg rest will come up to its full upright position. Then the leg rest will slowly be lowered and will stretch out your lower body as it does.

Another great therapy included in the Montage Elite massage chair is the full body heat capability. There are heating elements with individual controls for the chair back, seat and the leg rest. Heat is a method used by physical therapist to reduce swelling of muscles and increase blood flow to a particular area. To further help you relax, slip on the included headphones and listen to your favorite music on the built in MP3 player.

The Montage Elite has an attractive, contemporary design. It comes in black, dark brown and ivory. The arm rests actually lift up and allows for wheelchair access. This is an outstanding luxury class massage recliner. It comes with one of the best warranties in its class. There is a full range of massage therapy capabilities and complimentary features. If you are looking at a higher end massage chair, you owe it to yourself to check out the Omega Montage Elite massage chair.

The fantastic Montage Elite is certainly one of the top massage chairs available today. Check out why the Montage Elite and its sister chair the Montage Premier are such excellent massage chairs. Check out our extensive library of massage chair reviews. Check out how these massage chairs stack up against the competition.

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