Regular Exercise Restricts Disease and Infection

If human beings were left to live out their daily lives in the wild, there would be no need to exercise their bodies. Just take a look at all of the other animals on the planet. They get plenty of sun, fresh air and are always on the move. If we lived with nature as well, we would reap the same benefits. There would be no TV to sit in front of and no cell phones or Internet to distract us. The body would remain in tip top shape naturally. However, modern day advancements have made it so that we lead very sedentary lifestyles. Exercise has become a absolute must in order to preserve health and well being.

While we have been programmed to see exercise as a means of staying young, looking attractive and preventing disease, it actually does quite a bit more than this. Exercise strengthens our digestive system and also detoxifies our bodies by alleviating stress and removing other physical impurities. Of course, we cannot forget the fact that it firms up our bodies and also helps us handle stressful situations with ease. Our lymphatic system actually filters out toxins and other harmful substances from our tissues, organs and muscles. This system requires movement from the entire body on a daily basis in order to function properly.

It also requires us to breathe appropriately. Our blood is circulated throughout the body with help from the heart. The heart beats and pushes the blood throughout our system. There is no need for us to interfere with the process. The lymph fluid, however, has no way to circulate through the body as it has no pump of its own. It requires a little work on your part. Each time your diaphragm extends out into your abdomen, it pushes the lymph vessels and squeezes out its fluid. The fluids then move through the ducts. Each time you inhale or exhale appropriately, you pump your lymphatic system. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle has caused most of us to breath in a shallow way. This causes intestinal congestion and makes it very difficult for the lymph to drain. Exercising on a regular basis will ensure that your lymphatic system is functioning properly. You will also be preventing disease while doing so.

Regular exercise boosts the immune system greatly. Activity gets your blood pumping, your lymphatic fluids flowing and your muscles warmed up. During this time, your body receives a great amount of oxygen. Not only does this help reduce inflammation, but it also keeps us feeling good. It gives us a natural high that leaves us feeling confident and positive throughout the rest of the day. So, not only are you strengthening your body, you are also improving your mind. Activities that are a little challenging or require you to be creative will take your workout sessions one step further. The key is to find something you enjoy doing.

The mainstream approach to exercise believes that a workout is only effective if you have taken yourself past your limits and exhausted your body. This is simply not a good idea. If you are exercising to the point that your body becomes exhausted, your system will start to see the activity as an act of violence or punishment for not performing adequately. Overexerting your body causes pain and suffering to your muscles and is counterproductive. It causes the body to secrete excessive amounts of the stress hormone adrenaline and can leave you feeling shaky or restless. Once the body has been robbed of its energy, it becomes extremely difficult for it to begin repairing your muscles. In turn, your cardiovascular system is weakened and open to other stress related factors.

Rigorous exercise can be great for the body, but overdoing it just causes more harm than good. It leaves the body vulnerable to illness or disease, and many people continue exercising in this manner because they do not know any better. The same goes for competitive sports. Athletes will be excited about a game or practice, but once the adrenaline has worn off, they feel miserable. They may feel exhausted or even injure themselves. In addition, they weaken their immune systems and leave themselves susceptible to illness or infections. This over conditioning is a major reason why athletes consume so many more prescription drugs than the everyday person does. Over time, their thymus gland can shrink. This gland controls the body’s energy levels. Once this gland shrinks, the body becomes weak and tired. This is a direct result of overexerting the body on a regular basis.

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