Starting With The Best Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss

Anyone struggling with their body fat levels will know that there is no quick fix solution. All it takes is determination, a healthy eating plan and an exercise regime. Yoga is not well known for its weight loss power and yet when combined with a little cardio it can have excellent results. The best yoga Asanas for weight loss are built around the Sun Salutation.

The Sun Salutation is a simple sequence that uses the entire body. It is effective for any level and is adaptable to the user’s ability and desire. For rapid weight loss do it regularly, for longer sessions and to an intense degree. For those familiar with yoga add a few extra poses to increase the intensity.

Start by standing with feet together and hand pressed together in front of the chest. Move to a back-bend with arms above the head and then reach down to touch the toes. Place the hands on the floor and move one leg back into a lunge. This is then followed by the other leg and place the knees on the floor.

From the cat position slide through to the cobra and then the upward dog. Push upwards to the downward dog and then return to the lunge and then the forward bend again. These moves improve movement in the hip area and mobility. By moving from one position to another each muscle is used and focused on.

From the forward bend use the stomach muscles to bring the body up into a back bend and then end in mountain pose again. This can be repeated a few times in the morning and the night or repeated multiple times to create a more intense workout. Either way has many benefits both physically and mentally.

For a more intense workout start with slow, yet intense moves to warm the body up and help find the right mindset. Then move into much faster moves to increase the breathing and build up more of a sweat. Concentrate on form and as soon as you are too tired to perform each pose effectively stop.

If this is done first thing in the morning before breakfast and last thing at night before bed the body will feel invigorated and a deep sleep will occur. The key to lower fat levels is frequency, so start by doing this two or three times a week and build up until it is done every single day.

The best yoga Asanas for weight loss are practiced with a combination of controlled breathing, concentration and fluidity. It is advisable to seek the tuition of a trained expert or teacher before practicing in the home. This will prevent injury and mistakes.

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