Still An Excellent Item – Sticky Yoga Mat Review

You won’t be disappointed. This mat is a ridiculous rip off! We contacted the company to see why this was and they simply told us that the mat needed 6 months to be “broken in”. In my opinion, you shouldn’t have to put up with slipping and sliding for on a mat even if it is a new one.

Great cushion, mat stays in place, dries quickly after being washed, good size. This mat is heavy, soft, and appears to be made of very high quality material. However, I have had a lot of difficulty in removing the slippery film. Bottom line, it’s got some heft to it but it’s not non-transportable, as has been reported in some reviews. I’m all of 5’1″ and average weight and didn’t find it prohibitively heavy.

It does grip the floor, but I actually thought about ditching the mat and practicing directly on the wood floor, because it seemed like a much better option than this slippery mat. My instructor even pointed out the problems after class, and was surprised to learn that it is a Manduka mat. I put my knees into it all the time and it feels just fine. The mat is rolled out over vinyl flooring, so the mat is all the cushion I have.

The mat feels like a concrete foundation, as it supports you in any pose you can throw at it. Not to mention it looks and feels like it will live forever.

Please understand that I’m comparing this to a garbage Embark mat from Target. That mat had me slipping and resulted in extra pressure in my hands and knees during certain poses. To me, it’s the perfect balance between firmness and support. At 71″ long, it is slightly longer than your average mat, great for taller people, who tend to spill over on smaller mats.

Hanging over the shower bar works nicely. When you first unroll your mat you will find one end to be a bit curled.

The recommendation of Manduka is to buy one of their towels to rest on the mat, but my yoga instructor tells me that the towels shift and move when hopping into uttanasana from high chaturanga, a very common vinyasa transition. That’s a lot of trouble and uncertainty for now investing close to $130 into mats and towels. It was expensive than other mats but I think I made the wise choice to buy this one. It is long enough and thick enough.

In my opinion, this mat makes practice on the old, imperfect hard wood floor at the studio much more comfortable. If someone can wear out this mat, then they are probably doing way too much yoga! You don’t slip, though I do use yoga toes after the first half hour. Although I’m a yoga novice, I wanted a high-quality mat with which to pursue and enjoy the full yoga experience.

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