Swap your workout to get in shape even faster

When you first start your workout routine, you will see results very fast. This lasts for a few months then the inevitable happens – you get stuck. This is not because you are not trying hard. In fact, it is something so obvious that most people don’t realize it. You haven’t changed your routine in quite some time and your body has gotten used to the exercises you are doing. When your results start slowing down, it is time to change up your routine and allow your body to continue getting stronger.

This will allow you or your trainer to add in certain workouts that will be able to strengthen more muscles. When doing this, your body will be pushed harder and your muscles will begin to get stronger like they were before. For instance, if a person has weak hips they might not have the best balance. A new workout would be able to correct this issue and might even help make your squats more effective. This is what so many people fail to see. The body is a fine tuned machine that needs to be worked as a whole. Sure, it is nice to have big arms, but they will never help you run faster or jump higher. It is all about balance and variations in exercises that make us strong.

Muscles: The More The Better

It is more much beneficial for overall body function to work many muscles in one exercise. This will help you use muscles that otherwise are neglected. Squats and pushups are two exercises that work great for building lots of muscles. Whenever your body uses multiple joints, many muscles are being used. Pushups help to build your chest, triceps and shoulders all in one movement. These complex exercises have become very popular lately because of their amazing benefits.

First, it is best to figure out your own fitness goals. This will allow you to plan out exactly what exercises you want to do and what plan of action you want to take. Exercising should be for the health benefits it provides. When the body is stronger, we are allowed to live a more active lifestyle well into our older years. This is also a reason to do functional routines. Honestly, how many times have you had to use a tricep pull down in your daily life? You could probably count the number of times on one hand. That is why you should be utilizing functional exercises. They will make your everyday movements much easier.

Frequency: How Often Should I Workout?

Depending on the different intensities of a workout, you will need to do more or less reps. For those who push their muscles to the max, 5 reps is sufficient. If you do lighter weight, than try to do 10 – 12 reps at a time. This amount will help break down the muscle much faster. Going to the gym 3 -5 a week is a perfect amount to ensure proper muscle growth.

It is always important to change your exercise routine every few weeks. This does not always entail a full workout revision, but something as simple as adding more weight or doing more reps strains the body. We want our muscle fibers to break down, so that when they repair they become stronger. Remember, all of this hard work will pay off and be very beneficial throughout your life.

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