The Advantages of Real Leather Versus Synthetic Leather In A Massage Recliner

There are an increasing number of different upholstery selections available for furniture. Designers and manufacturers have a vast array of different materials types, grades and textures. There has been a standalone favorite for centuries for its durability. Now synthetic leather has advanced in many respects with increased technology and better formulations. Many of these synthetic leathers now exceed the quality of even real leather.

The most common process for real leather is called toggle dried. Large frames are used to spread out the pieces of leather and are held in place with toggles. The material is softened through the use of a milling process. To make the leather more attractive and provide longer life, a series of coatings are applied.

One of the drawbacks of leather is that it is expensive. Hides can be as much as $500. One important characteristic of real leather is that it is breathable. That means it allows oxygen to pass through small pores. This is important so that it’ll stay cool against the body.

There is one type of artificial leather that you should be aware of. This was one of the earliest attempts at making an artificial leather. This leather uses a web of calico which is coated with boiled linseed oil. A number of different coats of this mixture must be uniformly spread on a cotton surface. This type of artificial leather will not stand up to the rigorous demands of a massage chair and its mechanical roller system.

The next major breakthrough in synthetic leather was called Pleather. Pleather or American leather cloth was the first viable and durable alternative. In order to make this synthetic leather, PVC is stretched very thin. It is applied to a strong woven backing. A number of different types of textures, grades and colors can be made with this process.

There are a number of different materials available at the fingertips of furniture designers. As furniture continues to integrate both electronics and mechanical systems, the properties of synthetic leather continue to be improved. Unfortunately, the qualities of real leather are dependent on the animals and cannot be greatly enhanced.

As more technologies are integrated into massage chairs, the demands and requirements of the upholstery material increase as well. Now many massage chairs offer heaters. Heaters can cause real leather to crack and chafe. Synthetic leathers are able to hold up to this requirement.

Many synthetic leathers are beginning to displace real leather. As more technology is integrated into furniture, the requirements of the material will increase as well. This means that synthetic leathers will continue to displace real leather in more demanding applications.

Which of these materials is best? One of the main factors is the application in which it is used. It is not always a basis of cost as to the material selected. Higher end massage chairs generally will pick the best materials to provide a more luxurious experience. Lower end massage chairs may substitute the quality of their materials in order to bring the price point lower.

It is important to understand some of the fundamental differences in the different types of leathers available. This gives you a better perspective on why certain materials were selected for a given recliner. Many people are pleasantly surprised at the softness, durability and easy cleanup of today’s synthetic leathers. However, real leather will always have a place in the recliner market.

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