The Best Way To Compare Elliptical Trainers

With so many choices on the market, it can be difficult to compare elliptical trainers to see which one is the best to use. They come in many different styles and at many different price points.

An elliptical is an exercise machine that combines the technology found in climbing, skiing, and running machines into one piece of equipment, it the latest thing. Most offer a complete upper and lower body workout, but a few only focus on the lower body. As with all things, the price can range from about one hundred dollars to over eight thousand dollars for the most expensive machines.

Basic models have some very obvious limitations. Many models have a limited weight capacity of under two hundred and seventy-five pounds. They also offer limited warranties, often with minimal coverage for less than a year, many for only ninety days. They also have very basic features and some do not include an preset workout programs, while others offer a few.

The more expensive the model, the more varied the features and options get. Some of the most expensive models may offer less preset workouts than their slightly lower priced competitors. The range of preset options vary from as low as four workouts to as high as forty to over eighty workouts to choose from while exercising. These more expensive models are also able to handle a higher weight capacity of four hundred or more pounds.

Almost all models include some type of display and heart rate monitor. Displays range from LCD basic displays to more advanced touch screens. The heart rate monitors also can range from a simple pulse monitor that connects to your finger or ear, to a more advanced telemetry monitoring system.

The stride for each step also ranges from twelve inches to over forty inches, with many offering multiple adjustable stride options. The stride is the distance between your two legs when they are at their furthest distance apart. The stride is very important, because the further apart your legs are, the more work it takes to get them back together. Stride should be taken into consideration, because you do not want a machine that requires you to extend your legs further than is comfortable, or possible for your height and weight.

As there are many models to choose from, there are also many different features and options that you should be aware of. Common to many models are a built-in fan, varying degrees of incline, and adjustable step-up heights. Incline is similar to walking up a hill, and can range from a slight incline to some models offering forty degrees or greater. Almost all models also have adjustable resistance levels to increase the amount of force required to make each step. The pedals vary on all models, with some being long like a ski and others being more round, or being made of energy absorbing materials.

There are many features, options, and designs to compare elliptical trainers. Things to consider will be the amount of space you have, because while some models may have space-saving features, this is not always an option. Also the amount of money that you have to invest in a machine will probably be the most important deciding factor when going to purchase an elliptical. Make a list of the most important features to you, whether that is weight limit, resistance options, or the number of programmed workouts. You will be able to find the right machine for you and your needs.

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