The Objective In the Assisted Pull Up Machine

Pull ups in particular are one of the very best workouts you can perform to quickly increase both back and core strength. They target several of the major muscle groups in the back. By incorporating pull ups into your exercise routine, you can quickly increase muscle tone and back strength, which is important for posture.

Because pull ups target muscles that are not often fully engaged using isolation equipment, the muscles of our backs are often not strong enough to lift all of our body weight. The ability to offset your body weight allows you to perform more repetitions. In this situation, the assisted pull up machine can be very beneficial.

This specific machine allows you to offset the body weight as much as is needed, allowing you to slowly strengthen the muscles of your back. Let’s say for example you’re a 200lb male. Even if you’ve been lifting weights for a while, if you haven’t been doing pull ups regularly, you will probably have a hard time doing more than a few. So when first using the machine, set the machine to assist by 50lbs. This implies that you will be essentially lifting 150lbs for each repetition which you carry out.

As your repetitions increase over time, you can lower the amount of weight you are offsetting until you no longer need any assistance. This can be one of the most successful approaches to quickly increasing the number of reps it is possible to execute as well as the strength of the back.

Essential to any pull up machine is the ability to utilize different grips. Ensure that you are able to use the over hand grip, generally referred to as a pull up. But it is possible to also use an underhand grip, typically referred to as a chin up. By varying the width of your grip, you can also target different muscles of the back.

Some machines will also offer the use of a neutral grip. That is when your hands are parallel to your arms, with the bottoms of your hands facing towards each other. This type of pull up is a bit simpler in the beginning. And it targets several muscles of the back as well.

Pull ups are a great exercise. If you struggle with pull ups, a weight assisted pull up machine can help you get started. Check out

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