The Paintball Sniper – Role, Markers & Gear

The sniper in paintball is a highly sought after role. I guess the dream of being a sniper starts at a young age. War movies pound the glamor and prestige of the sniper into our minds, and thanks to paintball, we have a unique opportunity to become one.

To transition into the sniper role, a paintballer must drop all “spray and pray” ideals and adopt a new set of skills. Stealth and accuracy are key to being an effective sniper. You really need to aim to be effective, and practice patience to become the ultimate sniper. It will of course take time to get used to this change in playing style, especially if you are used to more aggressive play. In due time though, and with lots of practice, you’ll begin to pick things up.

Having the right gear is of course a crucial element in becoming a sniper. You must have an adequate marker and camouflage to be effective. The marker should preferably complement the sniper playing style, so it doesn’t need to shoot a thousand balls per second. A perfect marker is one that is consistent, highly reliable, and has good range. Double emphasis on reliability. Pump paintball guns or Tippmann’s are both great options.

Some players settle for a pump action paintball gun, which is perfectly fine since this role requires less shooting. There are a couple reasons why a pump paintball gun is a good idea. For one, the effort needed to cock a pump is enough of a motivator to make you take a little extra time in aiming. Don’t get me wrong, its not like pumping a pump is ridiculously tiresome, because it isn’t. it’s the fact you “know” you have to pump it after each shot, of which takes a little extra time – time you may not have.

For those that don’t want a pump, that’s fine too. Another alternative is to get a marker by Tippmann. Their markers are popular for a number of reasons. They are durable, reliable, consistent and highly upgradeable. One of the biggest things to note about their markers, is the Flatline. A Flatline is a curved barrel that can only be put only on their markers. What makes it a valuable tool for a sniper is how it can double your range.

Either option, pump or Tippmann with a Flatline will suffice. If you love being the underdog, then a pump is your best bet, if not, then go with a Tippmann and Flatline!

No matter what marker you get, pump or Tippmann, you can further accessorize it into the ultimate paintball sniper rifle. Find accessories here – paintball marker accessories.

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