Tips to get Bigger Forearms

A lot of people face the task of building their forearms to par with their biceps and triceps. It can be a real struggle to not only get them big, but also proportional to the remainder of your arm. There is possibly the issue of one arm being larger than the other due to the dominance of either your left or right arm.

Forearm Building Workouts

Performing barbell curls behind your back is your initial exercise. You need to use either a barbell rack, or fixed weight barbells for this exercise. We shall assume you are at the barbell rack for this example. Try not to use the smith machine for this exercise unless you are limited on time and need to use the only equipment accessible. Position the bar below your waist level to the spot where you have to somewhat bend at the knees to get the weight. Get your correct weight, and then grab the barbell, similar to how you would for back shrugs. Press your arms up against your own body and curl upwards as much as you can ensuring that you are using only your forearms. Roll the bar back down and repeat. You’ll want to be aiming towards 3 sets of 10-15 reps for this exercise.

Another exercise is the rotating hand action. You will be doing about 25 reps of this one, so get some light weights to begin with. Whilst standing up simply bring your arms up halfway to where they are parallel to the floor at a 90 degree break in the elbow. Begin to rotate your wrists to where the dumbbells rotate inwards and outwards. While rotating, gently contract your arms up and down, almost like doing a bicep curl. By doing this, you are hitting all the muscles in your forearms and getting a real burn!

The last exercise is a reverse curl with dumbbells. Grab moderate dumbbells and simply curl your wrists as the weights are to your sides. Reverse curls also help build the forearms considerably whilst impacting the brachialis, which is the muscle that is situated under your biceps.

Super Set with Biceps Workouts!

Supersets are basically doing one exercise after another without rest. For instance, to get a burn that will make your arms feel the blood flowing and muscles expanding perform biceps curls followed by a forearm activity. Perform the bicep curls with medium-heavy weights, as you normally would. This means no using the back or legs to help you lift the weight. Immediately afterwards perform a set of side dumbbell wrist curls. This gives you a super burn and will make certain you are tender the next day!

Stretch out your Arms!

Your arms are important for pretty much every exercise you perform, and injuring either could cost you greatly. There are many muscle heads and tendons located on your arms that need stretching, and your biceps and forearms are the easiest to injure without stretching. Also make sure you rotate your wrists around and bend them back to get a proper stretch which will keep wrist fractures away. Keep your posture and form correct, and make sure you use the same weight on both arms to prevent unbalanced development. Virtually all arms which wind up being one larger than the other are caused by bad technique in exercises for the non-dominant hand.

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