Top 8 Surprises You'll Encounter As You Learn The Convict Conditioning Program

1) Coach Wade breaks down the program into its simple set of 6 primary exercises. Wade explains that you could waste additional energy and time doing more, but there’s no need. However, any less than these 6 exercises and you will be compromising some important parts of your body.

2) One of the brilliant aspects of the program is how Wade presents each of the 6 primary exercises as a series of 10 steps. These steps start out with something almost anyone can do right away regardless of conditioning or injury. The series culminates in the Master Step, which is the pinnacle of strength and unmatched by the vast majority of elite athletes.

3) All programs, no matter our brilliant, can fall apart if students don’t pursue them appropriately. Coach Wade helps you to stay on the right path with excellent advice on how to approach your time with the exercises, including when to stay where you are and when to advance to more difficult steps.

4) Ask most people which athletes are the strongest and you’ll get responses like football players, body builders and the like. Most people are completely wrong. Wade will show you how gymnasts are the ones with the truly remarkable strength and how they obtain it without any use of weights!

5) Bodybuilders are not very strong at all. You probably already know this, Wade explains that they’re also pathetically non-functional in a variety of areas of athleticism that belies their physical appearance? He goes into this extensively as he discusses the 6 exercises that make up the Convict Conditioning system.

6) Wade talks “Strongmen” history and you’ll be amazed at the strength feats that these hard men of yesterday were able to achieve that almost no one can match today.

7) One of the 6 exercises is the bridge? What is this, yoga?! Yes, one of the six exercises in the system is a progression through back bends. You will learn not only why this is one of the most critical things you can do for overall strength and toughness, but also why many athletes have no clue about it and how their results are severely limited as a result.

8) There is no weight training involved in this program! Wade explains how you can free yourself from the gym and that whole “ball-and-chain” and see how through intelligent variations of the 6 exercises in this system, you go from simple-to-do to downright-unearthly-feats-of-strength that require no weights whatsoever!

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