Vegetable Glycerin, Vegetable Glycerin, and E-Cigs

The use of propylene glycol in e-cigs has given an additional dimension to this food grade additive that is used in many food products, detergents and hand sanitizers across the world. in this day and age, propylene glycol and ecigarettes have become synonymous and people prefer that their smoke juice is created from this solution which is safe enough to be added to food. The solution also happens to be the fuel for fog machines, and if you so choose an alternative to propylene glycol is available: vegetable glycerin. This one does not create as much visible vapor, and is less obvious to people around you but can feel a little bit different.

Propylene glycol ecigs give out a colorless vapor in the place of smoke. This vapor neither smells like a real cigarette does nor does it create nasty yellow stains on your teeth. The vapor is both colorless and odorless. Propylene glycol is commonly used to create smoke juice, which apart from this chemical, also contains nicotine, water and flavors.

It is the propylene glycol in ecigs that helps produce vapor that feels like smoke to the tobacco users.With the right combination of nicotine strength and glycol, propylene glycol electronic cigarettes can give a ‘throat hit’ that feels very closely to that of an actual cigarette. This throat hit is considered very important for smokers who suffer from cravings when they do not get the touch and feel of a real cigarette.

There are not many known side effects due to continuous use of propylene glycol electronic cigarettes. This includes simple problems such as cramping of muscles and sore throat. But considering the unhealthy toxins produced from the carcinogens and tar while smoking normal cigarettes, the side effects of propylene glycol electronic cigarettes are considered negligible.

Propylene glycol e-cigarettes are thereby safe and are considered one of the best alternative smoking products in the market. This electronic cigarettes is quickly becoming popular among tobacco users who wantfor a potentially less harmful smoking alternative..

Perhaps one of the greatest pros in using propylene glycol electronic cigarettes is that there is no second hand smoke that can harm your or the threat of burning down your home by accident. With propylene glycol electronic cigarettes you can have both your hands free, because you can lay the electronic cigarettes down anytime. Since there is no real fire burning at the tip of the electronic cigarettes there can be no harm. Apart from propylene glycol, ecigs also use vegetable glycerin as a solvent for producing smoke juice. Both propylene glycol and glycerin are popular solvents with a high viscosity. It is this viscosity that produces vapor when atomized. Quitting real cigarettes and switching to propylene glycol ecigarettes is not only beneficial from the health aspect, but also an economically sound idea as you can save a lot of money too.

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