Very Helpful Gym Machines To Try Out

When I first started exercising at a gym I relied heavily on the gym machines. They made me feel more comfortable which was important at the beginning. After a while, I began adding more free weight exercises because they can be a bit more challenging to your muscles and to work the stabilizer muscles that the smooth movement of gym machines can’t exercise. Despite that, there are still several gym machines that I use during my gym workouts.

1. Leg Press weight machine – This common machine can be found at nearly every gym and works a wide variety of lower body muscles simultaneously. Its like a horizontal squat.

2. Sit Up weight machine – Crunches and sit-ups van very easily lead to injury if done wrong. This machine aids you in using proper form and the added weight deliver better results.

3. Torso Twist gym machine – So many people want to get rid of love handles, and this helpful machine works the obliques to assist in that. The movement is also a great stretch to start or end a workout. I use this machine just about every workout.

4. Hip Adduction/Abduction Machine – For working the inner and outer thighs, there is no comparison. These areas are hard to work on with free weights, so the machine is a great help.

5. Back Extension weight machine – Free weights are not the most effective way to work your middle and lower back, so use the back extension machine instead to strengthen your back better.

A good workout will consist of a combination of different exercises using free weights and gym machines as well as cardio machines and other exercises. It may take you time to find the weight machine exercises that are right for you, but in the mean time, be sure to give these five a shot. If you have questions, be sure to check with a personal trainer (often times, your gym will be able to help you with that). Be sure to be safe and not to push yourself too hard at first. Good luck and have fun!

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