Want to Get Fit? Get Informed!

Well done. You would like to get physically fit and are finally doing something about it. Way to go.

Warning: if you don’t take responsibility for your own personal fitness education, you’re going to be unsuccessful. Thousands – perhaps even millions – of would-be fitness enthusiasts start a program annually only to fall short. The root cause of this is straightforward: if you take a program, diet plan or regimen from someone else and just give it a go as prescribed, the odds are great that something about it won’t do the job.

This happens to many people and the regular reaction is to admit defeat and quit. Stumbling in this way is healthy and expected, however, and the best way around it is to pick yourself up, study a little about the reasons you were not successful, figure out how to fix it, and try again.

The above is impossible to carry out if you don’t first assume responsibility for your own physical fitness. Just placing your fitness at the disposal of a fitness instructor or dietician without understanding yourself what things may work and why is a recipe for disaster.

There’s a reason why there is a lot of passionate disagreement in the health and fitness world. The simple fact is, there are only so many things the scientific community can test at a time, and there are numerous vectors that affect general fitness that it can be dizzying at times. Are all carbohydrates bad for you? What’s the most beneficial form of situp? How much weight training can be harmful to your joints? Which of the umpty-thousand herbals out there really do what they say they do? Are vitamins useful?

And on and on.

So you have a few options if you’re really invested in becoming fit. One is to hold on 5-6 decades for research to settle some of the above. The second is to jump in and begin studying and experimenting yourself.

Sure, you can check out a personal trainer that somebody recommended to you and try everything they tell you to. But if you don’t observe results, you’d better start asking questions and figuring out for yourself why things aren’t working. If you are rigorous about focusing on your body and teaching yourself, soon you’ll know your body better than anyone and you’ll be able make a smart guess as to what’s working and why.

You can’t do that if you don’t ask questions and inform yourself. You can only blindly follow along, wishing for the best.

Don’t hope. Educate yourself and get fit.

Stop playing around with crunches and leg lifts. Get a flat stomach now and burn fat faster than ever before.

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