Wearing The Most Comfortable Women's Running Clothing

If you are looking for a way to get fit and stay healthy, running is an excellent sport to try. While running it important that you are comfortable and no part of your clothing is causing friction burns or blisters. For this reason it is vital that women’s running clothing is chosen with great care. Choosing a well-fitting pair of trousers, a jacket and shoes can make the difference between a runner enjoying the sport or being absolutely miserable. When just starting off with the sport you should not go overboard in buying clothing but some items are vital.

There are two absolutes. For all women running clothes should include good shoes and a good sports bra. Many women, in fact, believe that the sports bra is the more important of the two! Your shoes will give your feet and legs support during the repetitive running motion.

To provide support and prevent straining and injury it is vital that a well supporting sports bra is part of the equipment purchased. Ideally the bra should be made from materials that can wick moisture from the body allowing the runner’s skin the freedom to breathe. It is a good idea to check the seams and under wires to ensure there are no areas that are going to rub against the skin. The straps should not dig into the shoulders when worn.

All of the running clothes you wear should, in fact, be made from this type of material. Your socks shouldn’t be cotton because cotton can cause blisters, heat up your feet, and will retain sweat, making your feet heavier and uncomfortable. Your top should take moisture away from you and push it to the outside of the garment, where it can evaporate more easily, cooling you off and keeping you dry.

Running trousers or shorts should also be made from the type of materials that can keep the runner cool while training. The seams should be checked to make sure that they will not rub and cause chaffing. It is vital that you buy women’s running clothing and not unisex or men’s clothing. Unisex and men’s clothing are not designed to give the fit and comfort required.

If running in colder weather, the runner may wish to wear running trousers over shorts. This will prevent the runner from becoming too cold while warming up. It will also provide the flexibility of being able to run in shorts once into the run. When considering the type of jacket to wear, the weather will also be a deciding factor. Nylon jackets are more suitable for warmer climates, whereas you may wish to wear fleece fabric in colder weather. There are various accessories available to runners these include watches for timing laps as well as hats and visors.

In some cases, you may want to layer your clothing for more warmth. On the subject of the weather, remember also that for women running clothes should be appropriate in warm climates as well! When it’s very hot outside, run in the mornings and in the late afternoon. Make sure you don’t wear cotton because it will keep moisture and get wet and heavy. Be sure to keep yourself fully hydrated to avoid the risk of heatstroke, and try to run in the shade whenever possible.

Running is a grand adventure, and when you begin this journey, there are countless hours of enjoyment ahead for you. Don’t diminish your experience by neglecting the proper clothing. For women running clothes can make the sport more productive, more enjoyable, and more effective. Be sure to take your commitment to yourself seriously and be prepared for your sport to affect you in more ways than you can ever imagine. You’ll be amazed when you find that you can accomplish more than you ever believed possible!

Jenny Wilson has enjoyed trail running for many years and has written several articles on running for women. Jenny recommends buying specially designed womens’ running clothing such as Gore running wear as she feels this can make a massive difference to your performance and comfort.

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