What A Deal – Kids Yoga Mat Review

It’s just one extra step in your manufacturing and packaging process. Anyway, I am still giving it 4 stars because I use it for my workouts and not yoga.

I also bought the Lumi towel (large size), also by Manduka, to put on the mat, since my hands and feet tend to sweat by the time I get to the middle of my routine, and this can make any mat slippery. I didn’t have any trouble with the coating on the mat — it wore off after a little bit, and I used the towel until it did. I love my new mat! It provides more cushioning for my knee which feels great.

I have been taking more Hot Yoga classes lately and wanted to upgrade my $10 yoga mat that I had been using for years. I always slipped on my old mat because of the excessive sweat and humidity in these classes. I washed it as suggested, with a brush and soap, and let it dry in the sun for 2 days. It still has the slippery film on it, despite all that and using it about 6 times.

It is very thick, which makes it much more comfortable than thinner mats. It is also very sturdy, which makes it a lot better for balancing poses than the typical squishier yoga mats. My new mat has light grey streaks on it. This is a thick, heavy mat similar to industrial floor matting. It’s a little wider than my other mats and I like that a lot for some of the asanas I do. It has never slipped on the floor and I feel really safe and confident using it. I was traveling last week and had to use a mat at the studio–the squishiness and thinness of the mat made my feet hurt a lot! I bought my boyfriend the purple travel one and he liked it, but thought it was too short so then I bought him the 85-inch black mat and he loves it!

So I practice both Bikram and regular flow based yoga. This is a great mat for both; I really appreciate the extra thickness/cushioning. But, with those products, I always had problems with buckling and the mat becoming slick once I started sweating. I am very glad that I stepped-up and bought this mat. Arrived ahead of schedule, exactly what was ordered. It arrived in perfect condition, no flaws, more cushioning that any mat that I have seen. It seems like the quality is above and beyond the rest of the mat world. Recommend for those who are looking for more than the basic ultra-thin yoga mat. Just received it today!

I have to have a towel on top of it now. Some reviews said that the slipperiness would wear off after a while, but it’s been two months and it is still slippery.

Manduka, you once had a nice mat (my instructors old one is fabulous) but that mat I bought in 10/2009 IS HORRIBLE! I’m sick of hearing “You have to wait for it to break in” – screw that, it should be ready to go for $98!

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