What Is Pilates

When the principles of a pilates workout are properly applied to yoga workout it can be very beneficial no expensive equipment is necessary to perform pilates/yoga workouts, yoga and pilates actually compliment each other they actually work together increasing core strength, and flexibility which is what pilates is centered around yoga makes use of those same principles to further improve fitness.

Improving bad posture, core strength, and flexibility are some of things that pilates is designed to do. Health and lives can be improved when the principles of pilates are applied but one must be willing to explore to determine which pilates system is best for them and their particular needs.

Pilates is now practiced and accepted worldwide pilates is a flexible and adaptable system that can improve posture or correct a back problem with only a few minutes a day many back problems or spinal problems originating from bad posture have been corrected or alleviated by performing pilates movements, a few minutes a day is all that is required to benefit from pilates.

Joseph Pilates is the originator of pilates he was born in germany 1880, to advance physically Joseph Pilates believed that to have the right mental attitude and focus was as important as doing the excercise itself, he believed that a person could not achieve the desired level of fitness without the right mental attitude, something most fitness experts agree with.

If you have a specific ailment originating from poor posture or spinal problems pilates is a diverse system for fitness development that can be beneficial for anyone to address a specific need it is also applicable to any age group unlike other fitness systems like weight training , running, tennis, basketball, etc that require equipment and which can also be strenuous and exhausting this not the case with pilates, no equipment is required and it is not overtaxing or exhausting but the health benefits that can be gained by performing pilates movements like the alleviation or correction of serious spinal or back problems are things that cannot be necessarily achieved by the aforementioned..

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