Starter Guide to Kettlebell Training

A kettlebell is like a large iron ball with a handle attached. They became more popular here in the United States and everywhere, due to the work and promotion of Pavel Tsatsouline. That having been said they have been in use for a long time. They are an outstanding tool to get into great shape and build strength for men and for ladies. They come in many weights to match the needs of any person, ranging from 8 lbs. To 150+ lbs. Whether or not you are a stay at home mom or a professional sportsman you can find tremendous benefits. I personally know two people that have lost over 100 lbs. of weight using the these great tools.

Now you may be asking yourself why use kettlebells? What makes them any better than using barbells, dumbbells, machines or bodyweight exercise? While all of those tools have their advantages, it offers some unique ones of its own. The optimum use are in what’s known as the ballistic exercises. While some individuals may get frightened away right away at the idea of slinging heavy iron around, its not as hard as it sounds. Naturally, you want to start slow and build from there. The key ballistic exercises for the kettlebell include the swing, snatch, clean and jerk. There is also many advanced exercises including my fave, kettlebell juggling.

What are the benefits of doing these exercises? By their dynamic nature, you are building explosiveness in your body. Explosiveness is a great thing! They also happen to be full body, with the focus on the posterior chain (that is the legs and back) which is often neglected by most individuals. The swings and other movements involve acceleration and deceleration. They also teach you to use the whole body as one unit. Though you usually cling on to the kettlebell in your hands, the power for these moves is going to come from the much larger muscles of your body, the legs, hips and back.

Naturally, this weight can also be used to do many classic bodybuilding exercises, like presses, rows and squats too. It works just as well for lots of these.

So I inspire you to give kettlebell training a try. Kettlebell gyms are popping up all around the globe. With an easy online search you can likely find an coach in your area and get started. You also have the options of finding kettlebell videos on the web to start.

Logan Christopher is the owner of Legendary Strength, where you can find out much more about kettlebell training. Check out this article for a beginner’s kettlebell training guide. You’ll also find much more on bodyweight training, barbells, feats of strength, healthy living and more.

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