Why you need stability ball leg lifts

There are so many exercises including stability ball leg lifts. In this article we are going to talk about the stability ball leg lift exercise that is done while lying on the ground and holding the ball between the ankles. Before we get to the particular description, let’s talk about how challenging and constructive working with a stability ball is.

Many people believe that the stability ball is just a tool that gym rats or kids use at the gym. What a lot of people don’t know is that there is a giant benefit to using an stability ball. Using an unstable surface such as a stability ball, or yoga ball, for a exercise move makes the move harder. It challenges more muscles than a normal exercise and it forces the body to work on balance and alignment. Balance and alignment help to keep correct posture and stop back discomfort.

To do a stability ball leg lift:

Start sitting on the ground with the stability ball in front of you. Lay on your back and lift the legs. Place the stability ball between the ankles and calves and extend the legs out. Keep the arms on the ground next to you and lift and lower the legs from 45 to 90 degrees. For the advanced, when the legs are at 90 degrees, lift the hips up just a little off the ground (utilising the abs) and then bring them back down. Also ensure when you return the legs to the beginning position, you don’t lower them so far that your back pops off the floor. This can cause discomfort and strain so only lower them as far as you can without arching the back. This distance will increase as strength and flexibility are gained.

This exercise move is is superb for strengthening the legs, as well as the core. Be sure to squeeze the abs and make sure you breathe! You can also do these leg lifts without a yoga ball but adding the ball makes it more resistance on the core and also works the legs a little more by having to squeeze that ball to keep it in place.

Adding a stability ball in to your workout routine is a must. Even by just adding one exercise to your routine you challenge your core and ultimately get yourself in better shape. Go out and try a stability ball out today!

See step-by-step photos and exercise videos showing you the way to do stability ball leg lifts.

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