Works Well, It's Exceptional – Extra Wide Yoga Mat Critique

So, I am putting my old cheaper Danskin mat over the Manduka mat to hold my poses. I have been told the Manduka mat will not be slippery when broken in so I will amend this review in time. Though the cost makes one pause before hitting the order button it simply blows you away once you start using it. Those who do ashtanga will enjoy the stability of the mat. Once you get it you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s thick unlike every other mat out there.

I think I need to break it in a little more. It’s too soon to tell whether or not I’ll shred this one too. It’s much easier to focus on my alignment and breathe without worrying about whether my hands or feet are slipping. The other common complaint about this mat is the heaviness. I’d guess the mat weighs about 8 pounds, but it really hasn’t bothered me. The mat was cushioned without being soft (no need for a blanket underneath your knees), firm without being hard, and heavy, so that the mat lay flat the whole time. I genuinely can’t wait to be able to buy the mat myself in a year or two! No more slipping! And the size is generous, just right for me (didn’t need XL).

I love this mat and would buy it again in a heartbeat but I won’t need to ’cause this thing will still be around after I’m long gone! A yoga instructor I work with raves about Manduka and – after two years of ignoring her – I finally bought one.

You won’t be disappointed. This mat is a ridiculous rip off! I started with a cheap mat that I purchased through a discount retailer. It lasted only a few months and a handful of yoga sessions so I decided to upgrade to this one.

I am looking forward to years of yoga. This size is the best, less weight, thick enough for the POWER 90 and P90X training.

The 71″ length is perfect for me and I am six feet tall. Yes, it is heavier than other mats but I see that as a positive as it is more substantial than regular mats.

It’s a bit expensive, but I’m glad I got it anyway – that’s the ONLY reason I give it four stars and not five, is due to the price. Also, this mat is a bit too heavy for travel, so if you go to a yoga class or some other exercise class, you may want a lighter and less cumbersome mat.

The last time that I called the manufacturer, they mentioned that Manduka mats use a “closed cell” technology which keeps water out of the mat (mitigating the need for periodic cleaning) but necessarily keeps water on the surface of mat. Translation: sweat stays between your hands and the mat.

The smell that it gives out has been proven harmful to health! Cheap Bass Guitar.

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