Wrist Weights Are Fantastic for More Resistance During Workouts

If you are looking for that extra edge during your workout consider adding wrist weights to your routine. They also work brilliantly outside the gym to replace free weights but can also take your normal dumbbell exercises up a notch. Strengthening your wrist is also a great idea to prevent injuries from sports like basketball and baseball.

These weights are typically filled with lead or iron powder inside a breathable nylon outer cover. You can also find some that use sand or water and have Velcro straps that tie around your wrists. Certain models will also be adjustable with small metal bars that can increase or decrease the weight.

Since some wrist movement is required in almost all upper body exercises, wrist weights can also be used to add resistance when working out the larger upper body muscle groups like chests, shoulders, biceps and triceps. They should be used with caution; too much weight can cause injury to the wrist bone from overextension.

There are many wrist weights benefits that can be taken advantage of in everyday life. Simply going for a walk in the park and also swinging your arms at your sides becomes a workout. Or at work, keeping your forearms up in the air while typing on a keyboard becomes much more difficult with the wrist weight.

The perfect compliment to wrist weights would be ankle weights. While wrist weights are responsible for building muscle, shaping and toning your arms, ankle weights are great for helping out your legs. While doing activities such as walking or jogging wearing them both together can help your exercise feel more balanced.

Both weights can also can conveniently be hidden under clothing, so you can literally wear your wrist and ankle weights any time and no one will be the wiser. Most times you yourself will forget your wearing them. Running errands may be a chore, but it can also become a great exercise.

One final step to make your activities that much more of a workout would be to add a weight vest. Combining all of these different weights together will deliver quite a workout.

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